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Announcement: HHR Mission & Academy Core Classes in 2022

I'm so glad you've continued to be a member of the Healing Heart Reiki community over the years. When I first opened my doors the idea of a safe community for people to learn metaphysics was really important. In a world in which people are still persecuted everyday for their beliefs, I wanted Healing Heart Reiki's classes to be fun, exploratory, and spiritually safe.

Over the years I've continued to learn and evolved, taking classes and gaining support whenever I can to be a better stewardess for this process.

I realized this Spring that there isn't really a spot on the website where the trajectory for HHR classes is laid out, so it feels important to share here:

Healing Heart Reiki is a school. We have been teaching classes for over a decade. HHR is a safe, supportive environment where people can learn about metaphysics and magic.

effective May 2022


Core class offerings at Healing Heart Reiki are usually taught once a year, and include:

Reiki Training Program Track

  • Reiki 1, 2, 3/ Reiki Master: Training through mastery level with an emphasis on mindset and practical application for stress relief and self care. Master level certification prepares students to practice professionally, either through their own service-based business, or in many other available trades.

  • Reiki Share/Online Group Healing: Monthly offering to stabilize and increase student energy development.

  • Office Hours: Monthly offering to strengthen student mindset and consistency

  • Master Apprenticeship: Set up as an independent study, Reiki Master students are given the option to assist or co-teach classes.

  • choose elective classes as needed to balance your training

Shamanic Journey Program Track

  • Shamanic Journey 1, 2, 3: Training in upper and lower world journey for personal healing, and the cultivation of relationships with ancestors, plants, and earth life. Level 1 Foundations is currently in digital format only for 2022.

  • Egyptian Magick: Taught every other year, this extended course explores advanced metaphysical concepts from Dailey's perspective as a priestess of Ancient Egyptian mysteries. The name of the course has shifted with time.

  • Earth Rituals: Classes and Ceremonies are offered spontaneously through the year that celebrate earth-based cyclical junctures such as the New Moon, Full Moon, Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross Quarters. They are meant to teach students how to work with cyclical energy, through experience.

Both tracks together work to create a well rounded student that has an understanding of light work balanced by grounding in earth healing.


Elective Classes supplement the above core programs and help students round out their education as energy healers interested in professional practice. These are usually taught once a year. Dailey has taught over 60 different types of classes in HHR since its inception. Advanced class offerings return to the basics in 2022, and include:

  • Chakra Healing: A survey of the chakra energy system with somatic exercises, journal prompts and energy activations to teach the student how to balance, clear, and heal the chakras.

  • Chord Clearing Bootcamp (digital): This digital course breaks down the HHR method for sustainable chord clearing, with some healing of life contracts.

  • Healing with the Angels: Taught in both digital and live format, an introductory course to Archangels and angelic communication. Students learn the basics for being able to welcome Angels into personal or professional practice.

  • Healing with Crystals: Focus on working intuitively and ecstatically with crystals for healing. The student learns mandala grid work and hands on application for healing others with crystals.

  • Reiki Forgiveness & the Process of Ho'oponopono: Forgiveness healing process for students and emerging healing professionals. This class teaches a process that can be used in both personal and professional practice.

  • Shamanic-Reiki Healing Table Work For Professional Practice: Dailey's signature process for her intuitive table work with clients. (last taught in 2015, currently in redevelopment for 2023)

  • Intro to Womb Healing (digital): This digital course is an introductory survey of womb healing techniques and popular concepts, for energy healers developing professional practice. (new in 2022)

  • Wild Heart of Business: Currently set as an independent study. A 3-month life coaching program to help service-based healing professionals develop their entrepreneurial and business mindset while developing the baseline of their offerings.

  • Your Amazing Life: Currently set as an independent study. A 3 month life-coaching program to help spiritual seekers deepen into life purpose, self care, and the abundance mindset.

There are also specialty classes and retreats that make their way onto the active schedule. This is a list of general yearly offerings. You can find most current active classes on the classes page of the website.

Have questions about what you've read? Shoot me an email! Thanks!



Dailey Little, RMT

Owner & Director

Healing Heart Reiki


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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