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A Winter Solstice Healing Ritual Online Gathering

Updated: May 21, 2022



Winter Solstice this year falls on Monday December 21st, and something's happening that almost never happens.

The Planets Jupiter & Saturn are conjunct in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, aligning in the sky in such a way as to appear to be one large magical holiday star of wisdom. Jupiter represents abundance and purpose, and Saturn is our planet of karma and law. All of this energy helps to usher in the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

Remember that song from the musical, 'Hair?!' Well, this age of peace has been creeping up on us for some time, and this is yet another powerful marker than ushers in a ripe 2021 for creative growth and healing around many of the old karma themes we've been battling globally.

2021 doesn't have to be a ton of work. It can feel graceful and flowing, as long as we allow ourselves the right mindset and alignment. Getting there, begins NOW, in 2020.


Let's gather in a healing space, with time to really digest and put into perspective your last year. Friend, it was a FULL year, emotionally and mentally. Your entire life had a workout. Before we can transition into the fresh energies of 2021 and step forward in creating a new paradigm, we must ground the experiences you had over the last twelve months. Let's invite in grace, kindness, compassion, grief, clearing, and peace. I have a perfect ritual lined up to help you reset.

Our ritual will begin at 10AM to 12:00PM this Sunday December 20th. We'll gather live on the Zoom platform. Please come 5 minutes early.

Can't be there live? ...If you can only catch the replay, that's okay too. I will send out a replay later that day, so you can do the ritual in your own time and pacing, as necessary this holiday.

We'll create a sacred space, calling in Reiki, Ancestors, the Goddess, and your own Higher Self, to help witness and support our transformation as we untangle any knots or sticking points from our year, celebrating dark, and welcoming back the slow returning sunlight of Winter. The ritual will consist of movement, journaling or drawing, and rest.

Here's our Theme: "Welcoming the Light, We Release & Renew in The Spirit of Love'

You might even choose to work with that as an affirmation through the rest of the year; welcoming light, I release and renew myself in the spirit of love.


+ Your favorite warm mug, filled with herbal tea, cacao, chamomile-tulsi blend, or blue lotus

+ Your journal & Pen; Crayon or Markers also welcome!

+ Your sound system! Be prepared to play this Spotify playlist at certain points in the ritual. If you can't upload Spotify, you can alternately play the songs used in our ritual, via youtube. Or you can listen along on zoom, though quality is not as good.

+ A blanket to wrap in, and get comfortable

+ A space where you can truly focus just on YOU

+ Comfy clothing that you can move in


You'll have time after ceremony to connect on a more personal level with others in the circle, one-on-one, through paired breakouts or triads where you can be witnessed, if you choose.


I hope you'll join me. This Solstice is a huge activation for all of us, and the energies we anchor through these last weeks of the year, will support us in birthing 2021.

Event tuition is $35. Again that includes the ritual space I'll be holding the recording, and any other resources (like the music playlist) which you can use through the end of the year to continue deeper into the heart of your sweet hibernation and creations. 

I can't wait to see you Sunday! It's my birthday weekend and I'm ready and excited to spend it with you! 💕💕💕



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