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10 Ways to Use Reiki on Thanksgiving!

Updated: May 21, 2022

This week in the USA, Thanksgiving is right around to corner. As a Reiki Practitioner, I am always running Reiki. Why? Because it feels great! Here are 10 ways to incorporate Reiki into your Thanksgiving Holiday. :-)

1. Run Reiki the first thing in the morning, on your temples and forehead when you wake up and you're thinking of all of the food that is about to be cooked.

2. Send Reiki into the Turkey as you're massaging herbs into it, for an extra flavorful feast. Of course you can channel Reiki when handling everything in the kitchen.

3. Run Reiki as a thick field of buffering energy when that grandma or aunt walks up asking that inevitable question, "When are you going to get married to you-know-who and have 5 babies?!"

4. Hold Hands around the table before you eat, running Reiki to bless your family. Incorporate this with a family prayer of gratitude.

5. Lay hands on your belly and heart before dessert time. Are we really talking Reiki weight loss?! Yes. You know you've been eying those pies all day, but if you have health goals, allow yourself a five minute Reiki break to check in with your true needs and desires before you cut that pumpkin slice. Who knows, Reiki may help you to eat only half a pie instead of the whole thing.

6. When Uncle Ned drops a bomb and the room breaks into a feisty war of opinions, with all of the family's (not-so-secret) secrets being dredged up, throw your hands up in the air and imagine a beautiful Reiki mist of light filling the entire room with a blanket of peace. Intentionality goes a long and powerful way with this one, and it really works!

7. Run Reiki as you drink spiced cider and share the most beautifully intimate conversations with that family friend who always comes over, or with grandpa and the kids. Allow the Reiki to make a nice pink bubble of peace that extends the lovingkindness through the entire room.

8. As you look at the pile of dishes that nobody wants to actually wash now that tryptophan has set in, run Reiki on your heart and the back of your neck to raise some energy--and some people-- for communal dish washing.

9. When the house has fallen quiet and you can barely keep your eyes open, lay your hands on your belly and hips to ground your energy and untangle your emotions. Let the energy flow for about 5 minutes, as you reflect on all of the hugs and kisses, the good moments of the day and the challenges you survived. Thank yourself for your strength and fortune as you drift off to sleep.

10. Maybe this (above) isn't your Thanksgiving, and instead you are rewriting traditions in your own life. Maybe you're on a Turkey Run, in a Soup Kitchen, at the ocean, or watching the game at home. Go outside and sit in a place where you feel deep gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life. Reflect on how Thanksgiving is a politically exploited and repurposed holiday built on questionable historical foundations (see the Adams Family, haha), and run Reiki into the Earth Beneath you for cultural and earth healing.

Whatever you are planning to do this week, I hope it is deeply nourishing and meaningful for you! For many years I struggled to create space to stay nourished around the holidays, instead giving all of my energy away to the events. As an empath it was exhausting. Please honor yourself and your needs, bringing your spirit kindness at every turn, so you can forge meaningful connections with your love tribe, whomever they may be.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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