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Water Catching: Self Care & Nourishment

Updated: Mar 3

. . . The truth as to why you may be throwing away gifts the universe is sending you. If you are a lightworker, earthworker, or called to healing, this message might be particularly relevant. . .


We are a lot more like plants than we think. When a plant is in the earth, it needs some unique level of water and nutrients in order to survive. It may receive water from deep in the earth, stretching roots low and thriving even in arid dry places. It may receive water from the melodious patter of heavenly rains. Either way, it needs water for fluid, supple life.

We, too, need water, and like the plants, we can learn to exist with small amounts, if consistent, though we may not blossom and thrive in the same way. Our water requirement also includes the more abstract concept of pure life force.

Life force flows into us the same way water flows into plants. We need energy, and like plants, we can make energy out of physical matter, but in a toxic environment that won’t matter.

Even plants need a relatively healthy energetic environment, or they will die. So we need water, and the pure life force embodied in water. . .

In Ancient Egypt the transmission of life force was shown on temple walls as deity sending waves of energy to people through their hands, much like water or rays of the sun comes down from the sky.

Today, we can nourish ourselves with life force by taking deep care of ourselves. We can honor the needs of our spirit with real action. We also naturally nourish ourselves by simply being still and quiet on the earth.

When the earth is in severe drought, it begins to crack and split. The plants will hold on for as long as they can, but eventually they die. It can be difficult to tell from the outside when a plant is too far gone to receive nourishing water. Some plants can come back from the brink of death.

Potted plants need more care than others because they are displaced from the earth. They will get colder, dry out faster, and struggle with illness far easier if pot-bound.

Likewise, the farther we humans displace ourselves from forest, river, and the womb and belly of earth’s resources, the more care we need in making sure we are receiving what truly nourishes our whole being.

When we choose to live as a part of an artificial society, inside of boxes raised off of the earth, eating food that has been inside of metal vehicles and in low temperature storage for 9 or 10 months, we are choosing to be like the potted plants. For many of us in California, this is the lifestyle today.

Because of this, our society has created “fancy pots.” We feel comfortable. Our minds are led into a false sense of well-being, even though we have been displaced from our natural vital source (earth-based living).

Just as some potted plants, we have become pot-bound and many of us would not know how to return to living directly on the land and eating from our surroundings. It doesn’t fit who we have become, and that is okay.

However, like the potted plants, our quotient of real care, of real vital force, of real nutrition, of real rest, of real oxygenation, must be very high in order to thrive. We may need even more light, or more warmth. Most of us get less.

Furthermore, If you are a healing practitioner, an intuitive, a sage, or a mystic, the transmission and receipt of your wisdom comes through etheric channels.

If you feel this work, the sharing of wisdom, to be your life work, you can not abdicate self nourishment. You must absolutely learn to take good care of your body, mind and spirit until you feel like a lush garden. Do you know why?

Have you ever tried watering a half-dead plant in a dried out pot? A half dead plant will not receive 90% of the water that gets poured upon it. When the soil of potted plants has become dry beyond reparation, it will not take water the first, second, or even third watering. It needs a flood, and lots of time in order to receive the gift.

Likewise, if you are reading this, the likelihood is that you are a potted plant (to some degree). If you have taken it as your life calling to be a voice hearer, or one who preaches spirit on behalf of your community, you will be foregoing 90% of your message if you haven’t taken care of yourself. That’s like tearing a letter in half before you read it!

Your internal and external lives are intimately entwined. They inform one another. Look at the decisions you are making on a daily basis for:

* rest

* nourishment

* physical well-being

* spiritual freedom

* emotional stability

* intellectual peace

All of these decisions are creating your metaphorical flower pot. If you are very quiet and listen within, you know what is necessary for your well-being. Can you imagine your flower pot? Are you catering to it?

Meditation Questions:

(1) How are you currently keeping yourself as nourished as possible, in order to receive all of the gifts that the universe has to offer?

(2) If you could change one thing you are doing, today, what would it be?

loving blessings,


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