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Thoughts on Spring Equinox 2020

Updated: May 21, 2022

Blessed Spring Equinox,

This juncture of the year is when the length of day and the length of night are exactly the same, down to the minute. I love to self-reflect at the equinoxes (there are two per year). It's such a good time to look at questions of balance. Here are some Journal prompts to play with:

+ Where am I in balance in my life?

+ Where am I out of balance?

+ How can I bring in MORE balance?


Now I know a lot of people nowadays like to say there's no such thing as balance in a successful or busy life, but I just don't agree. I think it's an excuse to give up on balance. While we will not always be able to have things down to the minute, like equinox, our entire lives are a DYNAMIC BALANCE.

Part of the joy of life is understanding how to find your still point even when life is rolling around beneath you, much like the surfer on the waves, or the circus dancer doing flips on the moving stage.


Part of our wild ride this spring is dealing with potentially devastating virus, and keeping our communities and mental health together as we do it. Everyone seems to have important ideas to share:

+wash your hands

+get exercise

+don't touch people

There's a lot of suggesting going on: "Please don't be the person to hoard all of the TP to the detriment of others. Please don't be that person who thinks it's okay to get your hair done and nails done just because everyone else is making space by following the law and staying in isolation."

While some of these voices may be reasonable, part o f Equinox is learning to listen within, and to listen to the wisdom that comest through your experiences with the earth itself. When you get quiet, what is it that you know you must do?


More than ever, we need the traditions of the Equinox. Traditionally, this is the time of planting seeds, taking stances, making decisions that will shape the rest of your year. As we work globally to heal our bodies, community processes, and bigger vision, take time to contemplate or journal around YOU, looking at each of your chakras and related themes:

+ Who do I want to be in the next several months?

+ What changes do I need to make to my livelihood in order to be able to care for myself and responsibilities?

+ What responsibilities do I need to shed?

+ What actions do I need to take for myself and community in relations to this global disaster?

+ What resources can I tap into in order to fill up gaps in knowledge, education, finances, health, emotional well being, and human support?


Most springtimes, the weather begins to call us outdoors. Now more than ever at this balance point, think about your relationship to the physical, tangible world around you, and then look at the relationship you have with your mind and internet/virtual realities. How can you strike dynamic balances within these realms to feed your mind, body, and spirit, as the spring equinox opens up toward summer?


Allow yourself to receive joy this month. The Goddess Maat (Justice/Integrity/Law) holds the balance scales at this juncture, so let your heart be alight with your inner truths, and make the shifts you need to make in order to ground and transform any fears your carrying into pure potential!

"Blessed Universe, I open my heart to healing and savoring the dynamic balances in my life. I am ready to stand in my true feelings. I am ready to take actions that align with my heart. One step at a time, like the seed sending out fresh roots, I sink into the joys of spring and I open to my Divine and Impassioned Life Calling. Blessed Universe, hear me now. I am ready for the next step!"

And So It Is!

blessed Spring Equinox,


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