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The Three Precepts of Reiki

The Receiver Must Take Responsibilty for the Healing:

I firmly believe that I am not the Healer. You are the healer. I simply provide a way and means for your body and spirit to re-learn the process of healing for itself. In my practice, I do all I can to help you feel empowered, happy, and in charge of your fate. 

The Reiki Practitioner Must Always Get Permission:

I do not do Reiki on people who don't want it. I don't do distance healing for people who don't know. I don't work miracles, I am only an open channel for Reiki energy and intuitive wisdom, but it is up to my clients to agree to "tune in."  

An Equal Exchange Should Take Place for Services Rendered:

I have listed my rates on this website to be of better service to my community. I also feel that nobody should be denied healing just because they can't pay. I encourage those with questions about payment to contact me, as I occasionally offer barter, trade, or subscription payments, or I can make suggestions to other healers that may be of service. 

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