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Stay Awake. . . Revolution is Now.

Updated: May 21, 2022

You’re not hearing about the protests because they are not throw-down riots. They are the peaceful protests many people were asking for. But people are still dying. A man was saved in the act of being lynched this past weekend, by white allies, but the government did not prosecute or press charges against the white supremacists who tried to take his life. Does that mean life is “back to normal?” If you have the privilege of being personally unaffected, I ask you to use your powers for good! 😊

Things we can ALL do: 🌺 sign petitions that help real people (1x day over coffee) 🌺 Vote. Even if you feel disillusioned. 🌺 Learn about other cultures besides your own so that you aren’t afraid of what you don’t understand 🌺 Look up videos on systemic racism. Watch them. 🌺 Consciously spend your money in small local businesses and culturally underrepresented businesses in your area (if you don’t know, find out).

One thing about that last one—The other day I heard a lady say to someone: “If you keep promoting that we spend at Black-Only businesses then businesses like mine are going to fail. Support All Businesses.”

This is just not true. There are millions of people in the world, and there’s more than enough space for multiple small businesses of the same kind to be promoted, and for everyone to be successful. Look at how many coffee shops, doctors, therapists, grocery stores, jewelry artists, and house painters there are, for example. In America, we spread our money around easily between multiple restaurants, clothiers, etc.

The underlying fear here is that if black businesses thrive, then white businesses will suffer. This kind of thinking is the result of systemic racism and wounded abundance consciousness. This is the reason why neighborhoods and businesses owned by people of color have been targeted and destroyed for the past hundred years (think Black Wall Street). We need to educate each other if we’re going to heal what’s happening in our country.

Blessed be!


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