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Spirit of Love

Love is your heart blossoming like a lotus flower to soak in the warmth, the light, the promise of each day, sending up new buds and shoots through your hands and eyes and senses with each passing moment so that your flowering acceptance of All is uninterrupted by even life's most basic functions.

Love is feeling the breath of the frog on petals, feeling the pulse of life in each heightened moment, and blossoming ever outward to draw life's rhythms deeply inward, moving your rhythms in rhythm with those.

Love is stepping out of the traps of the mind, the traps of judgement, ego, even desire, simply to blossom open and see the light of all beings. Love is bathing in the light that others shine, thereby reflecting it back unto them so that they see their own light and fall back in love with themselves all over again.

Love is opening the gateways within your body to the loving truth that is constantly being conveyed to us by the stars, earth, sky, and waters.

If you close your eyes and place your hands on your heart, and breathe, you can feel the blossoming begin there. And with each breath that you pray for love from within, your blossoming heart with open until there is no division between the love within, and the love of all else. You will see the bright stream of light the connects all things, and in that One Love, be reborn.

© 2010 Dailey Little. All Rights Reserved.


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