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Online Reiki Classes Course Flow at Healing Heart Reiki

We offer the best online certification for big-hearted people looking for Reiki Training online. Our certified Reiki healing practitioners are some of the best Reiki healers out there! Why? Because we take time with every single student, forging a real relationship. Healing Heart Reiki is a community and a magical family! That's what makes us the best online Reiki training. ✨

Course Flow of Online Reiki Classes @ HHR

If you're interested in taking classes at Healing Heart Reiki, you can jump in anywhere, as long as the course prerequisites have been met. I've met many wonderful healers who came because of a Chakras class or Shamanic class, only to stay for Reiki training. Even previous Reiki Masters like to come and enjoy the series of classes as taught at HHR.

That said, if you're new and trying to figure out the best place to begin, then this is the order you will most likely want to take classes:


Have you always had an intuition that's scarily accurate, but weren't sure how to develop it? Do you want to heal unhealthy thinking patterns, be able to heal others, and transform your own life? Learn to tend your energy, and heal yourself and others! This foundation entry-level class is your perfect introduction to Reiki!


We cover the exciting world of energy healing through the lens of Reiki. You'll learn all about crystal healing, connecting with your spiritual guides or angels, how to be your own sound healer, and how to work with a variety of metaphysical tools for deep healing and transformation. Curious about past lives, clearing childhood stories, and soul retrieval? We've got you!

After Reiki level 2, you've fulfilled the prerequisites and can take a number of other classes offered seasonally, including:

❤️ Healing with Crystals

❤️ Chakra Balancing,

❤️ Introduction to Womb Healing

❤️ Shamanic Healing (levels 1,2,& 3)

❤️ Ho'oponopono Forgiveness

❤️ Business of Energy Healing

❤️ Healers in Business

❤️ Manifesting Abundance

~ and More!


Reiki Master is the completion of the Usui System of Reiki Energy Healing. The Master training is an invitation into exploring a life of personal mastery and deeply connected living. Held in-person, you'll learn the deepest secrets of the Reiki practice as passed down in our Usui Reiki lineage.


The best online Reiki certification is that which includes real feedback with your teacher. That's because Reiki is a lineage-based healing modality. Even though you can teach yourself energy healing, and even though students occasionally self-attune and activate Reiki without a teacher, I've found in my teaching that only a handful of students actually successfully have the energy to do this.

Look for a teacher who encourages you to ask questions, and who can be there if you need insight on healing emergencies. Before you sign up, make sure you like the vibe of the teacher and the program. And trust your spidey senses! 😜

Here's a picture of me (Dailey) below. I'm the Reiki Master Teacher at Healing Heart Reiki, and I've taught several hundred students over the past 15 years. I see Reiki as a beautiful blueprint for how to work with energy, and I believe we ALL need to learn it. If people felt more empowered in their own physical and emotional healing, the world would be a happier more peaceful place.

I can be both goofy and serious. Our Reiki classes are a lot of fun! ❤️

Look interesting?

We often offer low cost healing and mini classes to get your toes wet!

Take a look below:


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