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March 2020 Events @ Healing Heart Reiki

Blessed Happy Sunday! We made it to MARCH! I always think about Springtime, St. Patrick's Day, Corned Beef, plucking clovers out in the grass for magical healing work, and EVERYTHING WARMING UP!

In truth, nothing really warms up in my hometown until late summer (haha, yup global warming), but I still love the vibe. What do YOU love about the Spring?

THIS MONTH at HEALING HEART REIKI our events include:

❤️ Reiki SHARE (3/14) - become confident in your healing skills with a light-clearing meditation followed by hands-on healing in a group format.

❤️ Reiki 2 Training (3/14) - working with crystals, distance healing, clearing childhood limiting beliefs, sound healing, and more.

❤️ Goddess Reiki Circle (3/24 ONLINE) - AWAKENING TO PLEASURE with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor as our guide. Join us on the New Moon for an online circle.

❤️ BREAK INTO SPRING (3/24-2/31 ONLINE) - OMG it's SPRINGTIME!!! ✨💐✨Join Dailey for a week long extravaganza of getting clear and pumped as we enter into the best parts of the year. We'll start the week with intention sharing and magic. Each morning you'll get a meditation prompt, and we'll explore topics around personal growth, love, and manifestation.

❤️ Reiki 1 Training (3/28) - learn the basics of meditation, clearing negative mindset, and healing yourself and others in this beginning level Reiki class.

❤️ Shamanic Journey: Lower World Practicum (3/29) - our 4-week series kicks off in Santa Rosa, to learn and master your skills in lower world journey

Save the Date for REIKI MASTER 2020, being offered September 18th-21st. The Doors open this month.

Okay that's all folks! Haha. I feel like this month has so much going on, and I've been loving how our current Mercury Retrograde is giving me a chance to quietly review emotional themes & values of the last year, but I am so ready and excited for the forward motion that this month promises.

Are you Ready for a great month?

blessings, Dailey

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