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Just Trust and Have Faith

We do not always know what the future holds. Even the most psychic, the most intuitive of us must simply trust what is in our hearts and move from there. It can be hard to have faith, sometimes, that everything is working out for the best. Our ego gets triggered! We want long term assurances about our lives. We want to see the path from here to the north pole! However, when the future is pressing in and you feel confused or paralyzed with indecision, just remember to look in your heart for the step right in front of you.

Do you know that saying, "It's in God's hands?" This is the reminder that if we try to carry all of the burdens of everyone around us, without recognizing our need to just trust and have faith, we will be buried in stress. Likewise, we each have a significant amount of our own fear and burden. If we choose to keep it bundled within, refusing to share it with the appropriate loved ones, or if we forget that we are connected to the resources of the vast universe around us, then we will also be buried. Receive the unseen support of the world around you.

Trusting and having faith are not exactly passive. We must still take action. We must still live as fully as possible based on the truths we unearth within. However, to have faith is to relinquish the core of our fears--to let go of inadequacy and improbability--and to believe that in this fully connected world of ours, everything we need will be provided. Again, give up your deepest fear! Believe that in the end, the most beautiful vision possible is being woven through the threads of your precious life!



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