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Gifts of Silence, Vows of Silence

It is amazing how quickly half a year can fly by. Sometimes we need to go silent in the ways that we are used to normally speaking, so that we can better hear the wisdom within. I have had a great few months since my last blog, integrating lessons of love and healing in new heart-opening ways. Allowing myself to push the pause button on some habits while picking up others has given me a deeper field of vision in which to view my own life experiences.

Inner Retreat

The other day, a friend asked me about silent retreats. I shared with her what information I had, but later that day I thought of how often people "Go Silent" without realizing it. A silent retreat is a chance for us to step into silence in mutual agreement with our surroundings, and to leave behind our regular world of habits in a voluntary, non-triggered capacity. However, we often retreat of our own volition, whenever we truly need it, and in daily life, that decision isn't always respected.

Have you ever had a friend or loved one shut down in the middle of an arguement, refusing to speak or share? Or maybe you have been this person? It is maddening if you are not the one in silence, because all communication is cut off. However, sometimes that silence is needed. We can not communicate in love, or clarify healthy lines of being, if we aren't clear within about our own desires and boundaries. Being silent allows us to take an internal inventory, to connect with the wisdom of our spirit, and to receive truth or clarification from the world around us.

Running From Life

You can't remain cut off forever. To me, that's the difference between a brief internal retreat into silence versus running from life situations that require resolution. We live in a world of connections; if there is conflict, then at some point that conflict needs to be addressed in some way, otherwise the same themes will present themselves later in life. This happens because we are all interconnected with our environment, and our world shifts in relationship to our internal decisions, which ripple outward like a drop in a pond.

If you have run from something, the best way to consolidate power is to revisit it --when you are ready--to shed your emotional charge and receive the gifts of wisdom waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.


There is a gift in respecting when those around you choose to enter into silence. When you honor the need for space and silence of your loved ones (even in the middle of a roaring arguement, or in a time of crisis), you are honoring their autonomy, and creating a respectful dynamic that will allow both of you to flourish once you choose to connect and share. Likewise, when you respect your own need for silence, despite how inconvenient it may be, you strengthen your channel of wisdom, and can act from a state of grace when you choose to emerge.

Song of Silence

Silence is a funny thing, an illusion, really. Even when we are seated, mouths closed, our body is still a symphony of rhythms and sounds. We still emanate emotions that affect our environment and trigger a cascade of new experiences. We are still receiving inner voices, insights, and we can still become incensed by what we see.

True silence, deep silence, requires us to find that dynamic center point within us where all chatter stops, and all rhythms work in complete harmony. In that moment, what we call silence is really the experience of unfettered, pure, harmonizing soul song.

As we embark on Summer, may you encounter many moments of deepening silence and soul song!


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