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Full Moon in Virgo, March 7th 2023

The FULL MOON is in VIRGO is TUESDAY March 7th at 4:42AM PST.

Moon in Virgo is a powerful time for

introspection, organization, and self-care.

On Tuesday, Saturn the planet of karma also transits into Pisces until 2026, inviting us to communicate more deeply from a place of compassion and heart. It is no longer enough to know what we need to do as a greater community. Now is the time for us to create the changes we wish to see, from a place of true connection with the world right around us.

Later in the month you may feel deeply ignited by the fire of new perspectives and your deeper mission. But for tonight, draw a nice hot bath as a part of your Virgo Full Moon Ritual.

As you soak, journal or feel into the connection between your heart and mind. These sacred centers are naturally connected, but society often pits heart and mind against one another. No longer! By claiming our fully connected self, we will rise!

And don't forget to DANCE beneath the Full Moon!

full moon blessings,



DAILEY LITTLE is a transformational life and business coach for light workers and healers who are ready to embrace their livelihood. She is also an ordained Priestess and spiritual teacher. She founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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