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For the Mothers

Happy Mother's Day!

No matter the family or format, being a mother takes tenacity, courage, and a heck of a lot of love. We each have our challenges, but I hope on this day, you are honored for all that you continue to bring into the world, and I hope you also honor yourself. You are a creatrix, and with each breath you affirm the life of your beloved charge.

Some of us have suffered miscarriage. Others, forms of loss we can not imagine. No matter the fate of your child (or children) you are a mother.

For some, your body has known death and rebirth through the gate of your womb, and this mortal coil was your rite of passage into motherhood.

For others, you brought life through pure ether, bleeding and opening through your heart as you adopted, inherited, or otherwise birthed the circumstances to love and hold your beloved progeny.

You! Goddess! May you be known for the queen that you are, and that I know you to be, on this and every day.



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