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Reiki and Self Worth Meditation

We often struggle to love ourselves. We put others' needs before our own because we are taught that this is a graceful, elegant way to live and be. Yet when we get on airplanes and we are told "Place your oxygen mask over yourself first before assisting others." We laugh and think "Of Course!"

In everyday life, I see a lot of people forgetting to "put their oxygen mask on first." They have overly-busy schedules yet can not say no because a good friend needs their help. They will scrape together the last of their energy to do something non-essential rather than resting and restoring their core being. It is natural to go above and beyond on occasion, but if we always do this without first caring for ourselves, we will eventually crash and burn. To me these boundary issues tie directly into our sense of self worth. 

Somehow we may have convinced ourselves that we are not worth anything if we can not help our friends, take care of things 'on time,' or 'be there' for others.  This faulty belief is sinuous and slips into the cracks of our being.

If you commonly over promise your time and find yourself breaking commitments, if you are exhausted and can't seem to get ahead of yourself, if you are filled with guilt every time you take care of yourself before handling other things, then you may be struggling with core issues of self worth.

One thing I love about Reiki is that it is unconditionally loving in nature. Have you ever had a Reiki session? So often, when I am receiving Reiki, I feel warmth, acceptance, and peace.  These are exactly the feelings I believe we should always be offering ourselves, rather than guilt, stress, and pressures to conform to some ego standard we have created on the faulty foundation of old emotional wounds.

There are many ways to heal Self Worth issues, including the use of affirmations, flower essences, psychotherapy, EFT, and meditation, but one of my favorite ways is with Reiki. 


Sit comfortably with spine straight so as to allow a smooth flow of energy through the chakras. Place hands in prayer position to open your meditation, calling in Reiki Life Force or loving light. Sit quietly for 5 minutes, noticing the thoughts that arise, the feelings your body is holding, and the physical experience of simply sitting and being with yourself as your follow the rhythm of your natural breath.  Do you itch to check your cell phone? Are there certain nervous habits that come to the fore? Just notice.

Now bring to mind a belief that you have held about yourself, that you know to be inhibiting your inner flow of abundance. Sometimes we don't even realize these are beliefs we can change. We may view them as truths.

Some common beliefs I have heard, seen, or experienced include:  I am not worthy of receiving the love I am seeking. I am not smart enough to create what I would like to create. I never even had a chance at (fill in the blank). If I don't do this for him/her, they won't have a use for me and I will lose their friendship because I am only as good as what I do; I have no inherent value.

Many of these beliefs are laced with negatives; I can't, I don't, I never, they won't, etc. When you find yourself using these negative contractions, look at the belief system that follows.

Choose just one belief that resonates for you and the current challenges in your life. Say it out loud. Allow the feelings that are associated with that belief to flood your body. Notice those feelings. Breathe into them and through them so that you can own them rather than pretending these feelings do not exist. 

Where are these feelings being held in your body? ...Once you are aware of where these feelings are being held in your body, place your hands wherever on your body you feel that root source of energy. If you aren't certain where that source is, run your hands over your body until you come to a stopping place that feels good. Channel Reiki into that location. 

Let go of the language of the old belief. See warm Reiki light transforming that belief at its root. If there are old stories or life experiences attached to that belief, reframe them in your mind to be of positive benefit. Tell a new story. You can even do so out loud. Use your breath to release the old stories and welcome in healing light.

Allow Reiki to expand throughout your body until the old feeling connected with that belief is gone. 

In your spirit, see light emanating through your torso and all of your limbs. 

In your mind, affirm the positive truth, whatever that may be; I am smart enough. I am worthy. I have inherent value.

If it feels too difficult or untrue to affirm such things, then simply practice self-acceptance. Just for now, I accept myself as I am. Leave space for the positive and joyful journey of continued growth and transformation.

When you are filled with a sense of positivity, end the meditation by placing both hands against the earth, offering this gift of loving energy into the ground. Allow any excess energy that does not serve your highest good to release into the earth.

Affirm that you will return gently to a clear and functional waking state, in this new vibration of self-worth and love.

May you find many blessings in this work!

Dailey Little

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