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Prayers for American Peace: Distance Healing During Inauguration Week

Yesterday I saw one of my favorite elders talking about how terrible and dangerous things are as we near the Presidential Inauguration. I also noticed people feeling very down about everything that's happening in our country. Yes, times are serious. Times are real. And this is precisely why we do Reiki, and why we have the gifts and ability to welcome spiritual well being into our lives. It would be wonderful if we could unite in hope. Yesterday I created an event for us to send healing intentions for peace.

I chose 12noon as a simple time to send Reiki healing, but if you're busy at that time, you can still join the event and send energy when it is more fitting. I'm not currently planning to do anything special at noon each day, other than to send healing. I wanted this to be an easy yes for everyone to do in their own time and space. Anyone who joins the event, I will include you in my prayers. I hope you'll join me in a week of healing. Here is the description of the event, which I chose to post of Facebook:


We need healing more than ever! Let’s set the intention together for peace during Inauguration week. Regardless of your beliefs, religious persuasion, or politics, pause for 2 minutes at 12NOON every day this week to send a heartfelt intention for a peaceful transfer of power. And yes you can send healing at a different time if you need.


Our country has a lot of healing to do. That begins with good intentions for safe, clear communications. It begins with people being able to speak with one another, and with a clear vision for a peaceful world.

It will take us time to figure out the details for how we truly want that world to look. But we can begin with peace and love.


Pause at 12 noon every day this week. THERE IS NO FORMAL EVENT MEETING. Do this on your own. Place your hands on your heart or in prayer position, and send healing and peace to Washington DC. Imagine everyone in the state capital, and then in the country, aligning with their highest good and highest purpose. Imagine peace spreading fast. I will be sending Reiki healing energy. This is a form of universal life force energy (like chi) that helps nourish us all. You’re welcome to join me in intention.

TO BE INSPIRED + Post your prayers for peace, art, or healing blessings in the comments of this event. + Comment on the posts of others to help spread the love and positivity.

Do this with your friends and loved ones so we can expand HOPE and rise together!

Let’s all rise up in our vision and start to hold the strong vibration for positive transformation in this time of important change!

Blessings, Dailey

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