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On Asking For Help and Signposts

Updated: Mar 3

We all need help sometimes. Some of us have become good at "making due" so much that we have learned not to ask. Many men have been taught that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Many women have been taught that, with the advent of the Career Woman of the 70s, that we must be strong and do it ourselves in order to "prove something."


Can I tell you a secret?

Our angels sit around in chairs scrunching their noses in compassion while we bang our heads against the wall, feeling frustrated about our lives because we need help and don't know what to do. They want so badly to help us, but they can not do so unless we ask.

Do you remember when you were a child and could not tie your shoelaces? At some point, someone--maybe a childhood friend or a parent--showed you how. 

We are born knowing everything we need to know, spiritually, but we are put on this earth to learn how to manifest it, physically. Sometimes it's just hard! So just ask.

Asking is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. When you're asking, you've realized that you need something you don't know how to manifest alone, and you are looking for whatever support is necessary to honor that heart truth.

Asking allows you to stay in touch with that bubbling hot spring of passion.

The other day I was doing some emotional sorting around what I want to manifest.

I was sitting in my container garden next to brightly colored flowers. "Am I on the right track?" I asked. "Guides, please let me know!" 

I journaled my thoughts and hit on some ideas that felt very good, when suddenly a hummingbird appeared within a foot of me, peering at me as if I were some strange curiosity in her flower patch. She hovered for about 10 seconds, and flitted off. But the interruption of nature at just that moment happened to underscore the very topic I was journalling about, and I felt a deep excitement as even more ideas expanded from there. 

Moments like those are called Signposts. Ask long as you have the courage to ask your guides for help, they will always reply.

As in my case, they may not reply in words or thoughts, but confirmation will come in the form of a signpost, or some simple event that offers energetic synchronicity and exponentially expands your sense of love, positivity, or clarity.

Imagine if you met the love of your life, but you became discouraged because they said something in passing that led you to think they could never like you. You walk away from them and miss out on lovely experiences, all because you never garnered the courage to ASK for clarification.

We do this type of thing on a lesser scale everyday. We get into confusing situations, and we forget to check in with ourselves, with our highest wisdom, with our primal knowing, and with our guides.

We suffer in confusion rather than taking time to simply ask for help! You never lose by asking!



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