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Heart Illumination at Fall Equinox

This weekend was the fall equinox, a time traditionally celebrated as the equal balance between night and day. From here, we tip slowly into darkness, culminating at the longest night before Winter Solstice hails the return of the sun. I often feel most active during the darkening part of the year. School starts up, holidays slam us with staccato rhythm, and the dark nights lend an air of mystery and introspection for those willing to settle into stillness.

I have said this many times before: The heart illuminates. In the darkest night, we have a heart that will show us the way. We may not be able to see the way forward with our eyes, or think our way through challenges, but if we trust the wisdom of our heart, life unfolds gracefully.

I believe this happens because in each of our hearts, we have an invisible bridge directly to creative source. You may call that Universal Life Force, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Inner Knowingness--whatever you call it, is the ever flowing source of energy that spins the threads of life. Through this heart bridge, we receive energy, hope, and light with which to see our way forward.

We all have deep longings. In some of us they are buried so deep they are almost forgotten. This fall, I challenge you to uncover those longings, and to admit them to yourselves. I challenge you to allow that beautiful heart of yours to shine forth and highlight the path you need to take.

Sometimes you just won’t see the way forward until you start walking. Opportunities may look non-existent. The answers to your prayers may seem out of reach. But the moment you step forward on faith and begin to move, determined to succeed with your intuitive heart leading the way, doors will begin to open.

They may not always be the doors you were hoping for. However, they will be the right doors, and you will recognize them by a feeling of lightness in your heart. You will recognize the right opportunities by a feeling of Yesness in your guts.

But to get there, you have to listen to your heart. Listen to the feelings in that part of your body. To get there, you have to be willing to act upon those feelings and know that you will be met by the universe.

As we descend into the darker time of year, claim your deep inner truths and desires. Recognize them so that you can work with them and integrate them into your life, much like Persephone traveling into the darkness to claim her crown as Queen of the Underworld for six months of the year. Whether you view the darkness or the underworld as scary or adventurous all depends on outlook. If you believe in the power of your own heart to illuminate all matters, you’ll have a blast!



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