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Healing with the Goddess Isis

Updated: May 21, 2022

A week ago I did a healing ritual in which I invited the healing of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. I sang her songs and welcomed her energy. Once we'd settled into the healing space, I decided to pull a card from the Goddess Oracle Deck to see if there was any other Goddess wisdom that might come up from other deities. There are about 3 goddesses that I always seem to pull from the deck (almost never Isis, even though I am her priestess), so I had expectations.

Who did I end up pulling? The Goddess Isis of course. I laughed as the card revealed itself. I could practically hear her voice in my head, "You are in a ritual dedicated to me. Of course I'm going to show you my oracle card with the deeper message."

Here is more about Her from Amy Sophia Marashinsky's Goddess Oracle:

"Isis (pronounced eye'sis), also know as Au Set ("exceeding queen") and Isis Panthea ("Isis the All-Goddess"), was worshipped in many places including Egypt, the Roman Empire, Greece, and Germany. When her beloved Osiris was killed then dismembered and scattered by her brother Set, Isis searched out the pieces and reassembled them. She found all his penis, which she replaced with one of gold. Through use of her magic and healing arts she brought Osiris back to life then conceived, through is golden penis, the Sun God Horus. When the temples of Isis were turned into Christian churches, Isis with baby Horus on her lap became the Virgin Mary and Jesus."

Every the years as a Reiki practitioner, I've been surprised by how many people have actually been touched by the energy of this Goddess. She seems to be present in the consciousness of thousands, and for good reason; Isis is a goddess that teaches sovereignty. In ancient Egypt, she was the goddess who confirmed leaders as Kings or Pharaohs. The hieroglyph that shapes her name is actually a Throne, further underscoring the point that Isis is "a seat" of power.

Many of us struggle with power today. We struggle to understand what that really means, looking for power outside of ourselves, when in fact power is something sourced from within our own creative nexus of energy. I love how in modern superhero tv shows, the superhero always discovers that their new powers are some burgeoning reflection of their personality traits, or human needs. We all have super powers. Our super powers are accessed when we simply know ourselves well enough to confidently express our inner vision, bringing our authenticity and uniqueness to the world around us. You are never "too much" when you are living without apology in who you are; the key is to be in the right environment and with the right soul family so that you feel safe and loved in that process.

Isis is often called the "Goddess of 10,000 Names" because she has lived countless experiences, shape shifted into thousands of guises, and has been so beloved that she has been syncretized with hundreds of gods and goddesses of diverse cultures over the past few thousand years. Priestesses & Priests of Isis were keepers of earth magic, politics, practical life, and most importantly love.

The root of most of Isis' origin stories revolve around love and personal power. As she becomes a goddess, she constantly learns lessons about both. Her stories lay a mythological groundwork for us to understand the inherent challenges of us as humans seeking or opening to power. She learns to love everyone in the world as if she is a great mother. Through her compassion and cleverness, people heal. She reminds us of the great strength in valuing love: both family and non-personal love. When we learn to open to love in a way that is healthy and balanced, our own power is naturally amplified by the flow of energy moving through our heart.

Do you struggle to understand your own power? Or are you power hungry and insatiable for perceived power? Do you aspire to things that others say are beyond your reach? Do you feel a calling but also don't believe you are allowed to have it in this life? All of these are questions that point to deeper healing, which the vibrational healing keys of the Goddess Isis provides. Much of this is naturally encoded into my work as an energy healer, and I'm always happy to talk more about this if you're interested.

What is your experience with this Goddess? ❤️


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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