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Full Moon: August 3rd, 2020

Updated: May 21, 2022

This month's FULL MOON is today, August 3rd, at 8:58AM PST. This full moon in Aquarius invites us into contemplation about our beliefs and personal philosophies as we head into the final full month of summer. Remember that the power of your mind is only balanced by your ability to stay connected to your deeper intuition, or knowing. Intellect alone can not save the day.

This is a great day to sit by the pool, or do a nice foot soak as you pull out a journal to ask yourself:

+ What practical steps can I take to make sure my home is ready for the fall? Have I made things fireproof? Economy proof?

+ What steps can I take to invite more love, more touch, and more comfort into my life, based on how everything is currently?

If you are struggling financially, try making a list of 100 (yes, a hundred) different things you could do tomorrow for income. That might begin with simple things like selling jewelry or raking leaves from lawns; the purpose of the exercise is to get you to think outside of the box of who you THINK you are so that you can access greater visionary wisdom with this Aquarian moon.

If you are feeling lonely or isolated, or you are struggling with health, then ask yourself what can be done, supposing nothing changes at all. By framing it this way, you allow yourself space to think creatively without giving away power to your circumstances. What are you willing to create within your life to ensure your happiness, now?

Blessed Full Moon! Dailey

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