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Education & Action Are Medicine That Fuel Our Power

Updated: May 20, 2022

The best mystery you can explore is the mystery of your own being. I remember when I was younger and first having psychic-intuitive experiences, they were so bizarre that I knew I needed answers. I often had dreams that would come true, and strong premonitions that were highly accurate. I began to research ancient texts in my childhood religion of Buddhism, then Christianity, and finally a broad range of metaphysics and earth-based spirituality. I was looking for answers to the same question: "Why am I like this?" Ultimately I found the answers I was seeking in Egyptian Metaphysics, Reiki, and the Goddess Mysteries. It's probably why I continue to teach and coach in these areas today.


We start our search for answers whenever we hit emotional turning points. Usually, we've glimpsed something mysterious within and we urgently need answers. We may feel afraid of what we've seen, so we want answers in order to feel safe. Or we feel that we can be more than we've ever been, so we seek outward education to hone our inner vision and identity. Our answers help to frame who we are becoming.

Ask yourself, What answers are you seeking right now in your life? What questions are calling from the deep beyond, asking to be illuminated?


I LOVE education. It allows us to get outside of ourselves, and to be reminded of how connected we all truly are. However, we can also hide inside of education. We can allow it to be a mental distraction that keeps us from making important inner realizations, or pursuing life paths that call to us. We know this is happening when we feel endlessly hungry for education, but afraid to jumpstart bigger dreams. In those moments, being very gentle with ourselves to get to the root of our deeper fears that keep us "learning but not doing," is the best pathway. Masterful teachers, regardless of discipline, can also be very good at identifying this pattern, and coaxing students through education into spiritual transformation.

The question is never whether or not to learn more as we continue to grow and age. Rather, we can stay in the spirit of education for self-discovery. Education is our medicine. As we discover, we then apply what we've learned directly into our lives. Insights become integrated as truth, and then we take new actions.


When I was younger, I'd sometimes say, "I don't need this training! I don't need that class! I already know these things." In fact, whenever I was saying that from a place of ego, I usually did need to revisit those very teachings.

Nowadays, when I consider classes, I ask myself if I'm willing (and able) to come to the teaching with an open mind and heart, and without the driving need to prove myself. I ask whether the classes are for my development or whether they are for my ego. I don't judge the answers, and I don't let the answers stop me. But I receive more from my education when I know these pieces going in. Asking these kinds of questions help our inner development of self-awareness.


This past year I've continued to take new classes and review old lessons in life coaching, tantric healing, mindfulness, finances, and business. I found a manual from an old Reiki class yesterday, and flipping through it, I thought, "I should revisit this as well." It doesn't matter that I do Reiki everyday and teach it every month. Part of how mastery develops is through the practice and revisitation of themes, energies, and vibrational transmissions. The more we do something, the more we understand it in multidimensional reality.

The older I've grown, the more I've come to appreciate that I am but a child in the universe. Each moment I am reborn and growing anew. Approaching even old teachings as if I were a child learning something new, helps me to step out of ego traps of judgement, and I always receive so much more.

As we evolve through life, the questions that lead us on our search for answers, are always new, and the amazing answers we can find, never get old. Ultimately, whatever we discover in the world around us, we must filter through the wisdom of our own hearts and minds. Knowing when to learn, and when to act from who we already are, is a part of how we cultivate and express our unique power.


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:


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