Coronavirus, Economics & Social Distancing

It’s amazing how quickly things can shift. Did you think there would be a global pandemic at the beginning of the year? I knew that we would have something crazy hitting, though I assumed April, and I did not think about viruses.


A lot of people are still confused about why we are isolating when “not that many people have died” but I saw it best described in this way: if we all get sick at the same exact time we will max out the healthcare system and a lot of people die. By isolating, we create more time between who contracts an illness and when, which can slow the spread of the virus so that we have a better chance of healthcare being able to serve the people who really need it.

CAN WE ECONOMICALLY PROTECT OWN TOWN? The challenge with this kind of shut down is the impact on our local communities on an economic level. Right now people are being deeply triggered into survival fear, not just because of the Coronavirus itself, but because the shelter and quarantine mandates trigger fear about Root Chakra Basics of being able to;

🌺 Be safe 🌺 Have housing 🌺 Be fed 🌺 Meet all basic needs

Many small businesses cannot afford to shutter their doors for weeks on end. Even if they are given a small grace period for not being evicted, it doesn’t make up for lost income and other displacements. They may have to close permanently. These are whole lives being transformed and rerouted.

Those of us who have income or other means of support can reach out to our local businesses and continue to order food, or offer funds to keep this local economy as steady as possible.

Yes, I recognize that that isn’t always practical. And at the same time, there are wonderful things happening, like the wealthy 19-year-old who paid the salaries for everybody in the sports arena where he has played games. I love this forward-thinking of really caring for our communities. It’s harder in a globalized community, but we have to learn this new way.

There are also tons of people with no real savings who are living paycheck to paycheck, and who can’t afford not to work. Even if they are able to get disability or unemployment from the state for some things, that rarely adds up to the consistent money received by working.

We create tightly woven lives, where our work schedules may also be contingent upon the schedules of children, husbands/wives/partners, and family. When one schedule shifts, the tapestry unravels and it takes time, resources, and effort to create a new weft. Yes, we are slowing the coronavirus by taking time to isolate and that’s a good thing– but we are also ripping apart hundreds of thousands of schedules all at the same time, and that will have its own trauma. That will carry its own kind of wound which we must address on a holistic level.

SOCIAL DISTANCING IS GOOD, RIGHT? I think it’s interesting that this idea of social distancing has also come up. In the energy healing world, one of the things that help us to stay stabilized and healthy as humans is feeling needed, loved, and seen by other humans. It’s actually an incredible challenge to people’s immune systems to NOT see others, not touch others, and not be allowed to go out and interact with friends.

Yes, social distancing may be a good thing for the coronavirus, but we must continue to find ways to stay connected because this is also a part of our health. Staying connected as a community, sharing our beliefs and our love, these are all important to us keeping strong forward momentum as we heal.

How can you stay connected?

✨💗 Make a phone call. Do FaceTime. Connect with others and hear their voices. Talk about all kinds of exciting things, allow for more than half of the conversation to be about things other than the coronavirus. Find out how the people you care about are doing. Share your thoughts and your heart.

✨💗 Connect into the earth. Take a silent hike with friends nearby (not with), even if you can’t be within 30 feet of each other. Share the beauty of the earth, knowing that other people you care about are nearby and having a beautiful experience. The earth is a natural stress reliever. Science has shown that putting your hands or feet in the soil releases microbes that lower blood pressure and release good hormones.

✨💗 Craft beautiful cards and mail them to people you love. Send them hope in the mail. Doing this with others in your house is a great way to connect to the people that are right with you. Doing this alone is a fantastic way to touch i