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Angel Oracle ~ Week of May 3rd, 2021~ Archangel Raguel

Updated: May 21, 2022

I find it pretty funny, but not surprising that for this week's pull, we have again received Clairsentience, with the Archangel Raguel. I could feel that Raguel had more to offer us, and in fact this past weekend's Beltane/May Day celebration is a reminder that we are in one the most powerful times of year for feeling deeply embodied.

Clairsentience is a term used to explain a person who has a "clear feeling" about something. Psychic-intutive gifts are often defined by these clairs, with most people being highly familiar with clairvoyance (the gift of clear sight). However, we can have hyper clarity in any of our bodily senses, and the more you listen and sense into your intuitive gifts, the stronger they become. Clairsentience is actually one of my favorites, because that bodily knowing that comes is so strong and clear. If the feeling you get is strong, but also strangely detached from the outcomes of ego, then your clairsentience is active. Clairsentience doesn't speak in fancy words. It is often blunt and simple; it is a feeling of No or Yes, This Way, or That Way. Clairsentience doesn't reason or justify. It just is. Because of that, accessing it means being willing to let go of what your mind says, so that you can hear this deeper body wisdom.

As we head into this first week of May, let your animal senses be a real part of your day-to-day experience. What happens if you trust your gut before making large business decisions? How might things change if you stop to listen to what your inner feeling says about when to have conversations and how to broach them.

The Archangel Raguel is celebrated for the ability to heal relationships. All of our relationships are formed through basic vibrations of harmony, magnetism, and attraction. When we are unable to communicate successfully with our loved ones, it's usually because ego (theirs and/or ours!) has flared up, disrupting those harmonious vibrations. So many arguments and disagreements can be traced back to a moment in which one person did not feel heard or understood around something that was important to them.

If you have big decision to make, listen to your Clairsentience.

When I was young, my models of relationship communication were not great, and so it a took a long while to learn how to truly relate in a healthy way. Because I didn't always have the mindset teachings for healthy communication as I was learning and healing, I was lead through the Archangel Raguel to begin listening more deeply to my body's wisdom.

I found that my body would tell me if a situation or person felt "safe," or if I was dealing with duplicity, truth, kindness, or heart. I learned to trust that inner knowing implicitly. The Archangel Raguel excels at leading us into this deeper body trust. As we ignite it, it becomes a light to help see us forward authentically in our healing path.

Some of your feelings may be triggered by past trauma, and so a feeling is not always "right" in the sense of showing the best intellectual solution. However, even feelings that come from your wounds or traumas are asking you to pay deeper attention to something happening in your current dynamic. It is always okay to slow down, meditate for clarity, or bounce ideas off of trusted friends, in order to understand your journey before you go forward.

I love when cards come up two weeks in a row. It means we have a great opportunity for deeper healing. Remember, your feelings are sacred, as they help you uncover what may otherwise be hidden to your mind.

Call upon the Archangel Raguel this week if you need help listening to your feelings, or navigating relationships.


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:


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