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You Can Have It

Is there a reason why you can't have everything you're asking for from the universe? A good reason?

Really think about this, and Please share! Because I believe that you, as well as I, deserve the very best that the world has to offer, and there's no reason it can't be that way.

Imagine how things might feel if you simply expect to be met in all of your ventures, no matter how scary or unlikely they may be. Imagine if you surrender your specific expectations around what you want, but are able to hold on to faith that your dreams, or something better REALLY ARE ON THEIR WAY.

All of your problems will be resolved, and whatever you need to know, learn, do, or face, you will do with grace and confidence. If you ask the world for support and learn to listen to the signs, you will receive clear answers.

What if you hold, just for this weekend, that this process can be simple and even joyful? What if you begin, from today, to see your path as paved with good fortune?

What if you engrave that feeling of joyful expectation into your very bones, and allow appreciation to flow for every thing that occurs in line with your visions?



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