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Healing Droughts & Unshed Tears

The earth right now has been so dry this winter, the sky spacious blue when it should be pouring. I think of the myth of Demeter(earth mother), who cries for her lost daughter Persephone, thus creating the seasons as she mourns her daughter's loss and rejoices her return. It is her tears that nourish the land even in the darkening season. It is her frozen emotion, melting upon Persephone’s return, that feeds the cycle of life.

When we as people choose not to allow our tears to surface because “we are strong enough not to,” we do greater injury to our delicate emotional makeup. When we deny that emotional process of grieving however it is most honestly reflected within us, then we starve our own future.

It is through the cleansing release of our own tears, and through the reflection of those emotional waters (even if frozen) that we gain the equilibrium to keep moving forward. If we never give in to the waters of our emotion, then how will the flowers of spring be fed? If there is no rain, how will new crops grow? Even our messier emotions feed our sunny days. We only make space in our lives for new and beautiful experiences if we allow our own inner terrain to stay permeable, soft, and open to new experiences.

It’s possible that we may need a period of deep winter freeze, of no life, of no activity. Eventually, winter turns to spring. Eventually, we will bloom again. So when it is time to cry, let yourself cry. You are simply honoring the cycles of life, and feeding a future that has yet to unfold.



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