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Good Change

I don't have much to say this morning, haha. It is springtime, and with spring I feel alive with the possibilities of the moist season. As I spoke with the landlord about new flooring for the office, I found myself reflecting on the nature of change, and how it can stir up all sorts of emotions within us.

In the office, I often say that change can be beautiful. It can be painless and nourishing--like getting new durable floors to replace the old worn out carpet! Change can take us out of the hell of our own mind and deposit us on new shores. It can feel hard to leave behind the unhealthy patterns we know for the unknown, but it doesn't have to be horrific. It can be good-scary-- like your first Halloween.

Most of us don't linger much on the good changes, we only remember difficult transitions. We are deeply hurt by experiences that wound our core self esteem. We feel pain about who we are, and what we are--or are not--capable of being and receiving. Then, like animals trapped behind an electric-wired fence, we become afraid of any change because we don't want to be zapped again.

We have to re-introduce ourselves to the idea of good change, the kind of change that actually feels good as we are going through it. We have to stop thinking we'll get zapped as we cross into new territory! If our bodies and minds are still humming with memories from before, then we won't feel the goodness of the change we are in, all we feel is our own limiting fear.

Are you making decisions in your life based on lingering fear of what has happened before? Or are you fully in the present, greeting change with love and excitement?

Breathe. . .


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