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Just for today


Heal your anger


Release your worry


Let yoiur heart open with gratitude


Devote yourself to your work


Be kind to All Life.


~Mikao Usu (founder, Usui Reiki)


This simple statement was written by Reiki Founder Mikao Usui. Although there are many proposals for the origin and inspiration of these affirmations, many Reiki Practitioners agree that they are a powerful statement of being.  


To read some of my interpretations (by no means complete!), please check out these blog entries:


Just For Today


Do Not Worry


Do Not Anger




What is Your Work

*art above  ©Amanda Metcalf, Yogi, Rolfer, & Artist


The Receiver Must Take Responsiblity for the Healing: 


I firmly believe that I am not the Healer. You are the healer. I simply provide a way and means for your body and spirit to re-learn the process of healing for itself. In my practice, I do all I can to help you feel empowered, happy, and in charge of your fate. 


The Reiki Practitioner Must Always Get Permission: 


I do not do Reiki on people who don't want it. I don't do distance healing for people who don't know. I don't work miracles, I am only an open channel for Reiki energy and intuitive wisdom, but it is up to my clients to agree to "tune in."  


An Equal Exchange Should Take Place for Services Rendered: 


I have listed my rates on this website to be of better service to my community. I also feel that nobody should be denied healing just because they can't pay. I encourage those with questions about payment to contact me, as I occasionally offer barter, trade, or subscription payments, or I can make suggestions to other healers that may be of service. 


Our Reiki Classes & Community work in tandem to develop confidence and strong ethical foundation in holistic practice for all who are called, whether personal or professional.



Reiki at HHR is taught in 3 Levels, which are interwoven with tons of opportunity for practice. Monthly ReikiSHARES allow students to develop confidence. Monthly Self-Care and meditations help students cultivate the energetic and emotional well-being necessary for excellent work, in either a personal or professional capacity. Roundtables on special topics, and a year long apprenticeship offers further opportunities for true mastery. Only YOU can decide upon your Reiki path, but we strive to offer as much support and knowledge as possible for your journey.



Gain the tools to heal yourself and loved ones in this entry level group class. Reiki I focuses on learning to sense and send healing energy through the ages-old laying on of hands. You will learn how to heal yourself and other, how to clear your aura, and how to keep yourself from being energetically drained. You will leave with the Reiki I attunement and a new level of confidence in your ability to heal. See the calendar for the next scheduled class, or Classes for a detailed description. Taught by Rev. Dailey Little, RMT.



You will learn about the physical, spiritual, and emotional landscape of the human body through an in-depth look at Usui's "method to achieve personal perfection." 


Find out about healing guides and how to communicate with them, and what to do when you encounter difficult healing scenarios. Work with Reiki's Sacred Symbols and Seed Sounds, learning to combine the basics of sound healing with laying on of hands. 

In level two you also learn the basics of distance healing via crystal grids and other fantastic methods. By the end of the day, you will have a solid healing skill-set and a Reiki II attunement. You also receive invitations to HHR Alumni events to further develop your healing. See the calendar for details and the next scheduled class. 




Learn the master symbol, allowing you to teach Reiki. The real benefit of Reiki III/Master is a deeper connection to your spiritual truths, and a deep sense of empowerment towards living the life of your dreams. This is a two part class, requiring two eight-hour days, and offering monthly followup discussion and support. Please go to Reiki Master Training for more details on the Reiki Master process. 


The next class is scheduled for September 2018. Private Master classes & attunement are also offered at Dailey's discretion, and by arrangement. Please email to inquire. 


I honor and value the transformative work that occurs in my office. In addition to firmly upholding the Reiki Vow in my own life, I also abide by the code of ethics put forth by the International Association of Reiki Professionals:


The Registered Reiki Practitioner (RP) / Registered Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher (RMT) agrees to:

1. Abide by a vow of confidentiality. Any information that is discussed within the context of a Reiki session is confidential between the client and practitioner.

2. Provide a safe and comfortable area for sessions or classes and work to provide an empowering and supportive environment for clients and students.

3. Always treat clients and students with the utmost respect and honor.

4. Have a pure and clear intention to offer your services for the highest healing good of the client and highest potential of the student.

5. Provide a brief oral or written description of what happens during a session and what to expect before a client?s initial session. Provide a clear written description of subjects to be taught during each level of Reiki prior to class and list what the student will be able to do after taking the class.

6. Be respectful of all others? Reiki views and paths.

7. Educate clients/students on the value of Reiki and explain that sessions do not guarantee a cure, nor are they a substitute for qualified medical or professional care. Reiki is one part of an integrative healing or wellness program.

8. Suggest a consultation or referral for clients to qualified licensed professionals (medical doctor, licensed therapist, etc.) when appropriate.

9. Never diagnose or prescribe. Never suggest that the client/student change prescribed treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed health care provider.

10. Be sensitive to the boundary needs of individual clients and students.

11. Never ask clients to disrobe (unless in the context of a licensed massage therapy session at the client?s option). Do not touch the genital area or breasts. Practice hands-off healing of these areas if treatment is needed.

12. Be working to create harmony and friendly cooperation between Reiki Practitioners/ Master Teachers in the community and represent the IARP in a most professional manner.

13. Act as a beacon in your community by doing the best job possible.

14. Work to empower your students to heal themselves and to encourage and assist them in the development of their work with Reiki or their Reiki practices.

15. Be actively working on your own healing so as to embody and fully express the essence of Reiki in everything that you do.


IARP Registered Reiki Practitioners and Teachers strive to provide the highest quality Reiki experience and abide by the IARP Code of Ethics. You can see this same code on the IARP website


Our metaphysical program includes classes on Shamanic healing, Women's Mysteries, and Crystal Healing. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming events.

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