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"Goal Get It!" Accountability Package

1x1 Goal-buster! 6 weeks of coaching and accountability

Time Just For You:

Do you lose focus on your goals as the year goes by? Maybe you're on the right track, but you could really use some accountability, and some occasional clarity? It doesn't matter what you know, if you're not implementing it, so make sure this time is different. Enjoy gently held support, as you implement and create your life in a way that's totally empowered. The "GOAL GET IT" package helps you achieve measurable results around one specific goal. You can leave all of the heavy mindset reconstruction for another day. Your package includes: ❤️ 1x 60 minute Coaching Session- via zoom, in which we come up with your plan of action for a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. This is your measurable, goal that you'll achieve over the next 6 weeks. ❤️ 5x 30 minute weekly phone check-ins, to see how your goal is coming along. ❤️ 1 Intuitive Action Plan. Please leave 1 hour per week to implement actions around your goal. Let's watch that goal go from DREAM to REALITY! TYPES OF GOALS people have chosen to work towards: ~ "I want Better Self Care" ~ Having a Difficult Relationship Conversations ~ Filing for Divorce ~ Starting a New Business ~ "I want a deeper Spiritual Practice" ~ Getting Clear on Life Direction ~ Setting New Boundaries ~ Choosing Not To Drink ~ "I want to know how to handle this person who..." ~ Pondering Changing a Job/Career ~ Preparing for Retirement ~ Understanding Family Dynamics ~ Learning How to Approach Life Purpose ~ "I want to write a book!" As a spiritual healer and coach, I'm not a therapist, lawyer, or anything else like that. I can't file papers, or DO the life for you, but I'm here to be your sounding board, and part of your support network as you align your energy for new life experiences! Unlike my more integrated courses, the GOAL GET IT program is focused on action and accountability. If you have something that's challenging you, a goal you want to reach, and you feel driven but know you need a little bit more support and practical direction, reach out to me and we can see if this is the right package for you. CAN A GOAL REALLY BE ACHIEVED IN 6 WEEKS? Yes! If there's motivation and energy, you can move mountains in 6 weeks. Together we'll choose the right goal, and find the path of least resistance! __________ Please note, if you sign up and I feel that this package is not ultimately the best match for your needs and where you are, I'll contact you to let you know, and your money will be refunded before we begin session work.

  • 1 hour
  • $1995 Package Price
  • Online (Zoom & Website Platform)

Cancellation Policy

Your private session payment is *nonrefundable* from the moment you place your order, as Dailey begins preparing in depth for your session. We ask at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule. As a healing practitioner with your full health and safety in mind, Dailey reserves the right to refund and/or turn away students or clients at her sole discretion. You can see all of our policies on the Policies page of our website.

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