I'm so glad you came to visit us. It's hard to create a space online that feels joyful, relaxing, and happy. I hope that's how you're feeling now, because that is the purpose of my holistic energy healing practice.

My Reiki Background

I am a certified Reiki Master and have been doing Reiki since the early 2000s, when a simple Reiki class and attunement changed my life forever. At the time, it didn't feel life-changing, and because I'd already been doing other forms of healing work, most of what I learned in that class was review.  And yet . . . 

Over the weeks that followed, I laid hands on friends, co-workers, and strangers to an amazing effect.  Most of them felt a deep sense of peace, and for that they were thankful, but for some the effects were so dramatic, they still call me today to share how wonderfully they are doing, and to thank me.


Because of their experiences, I chose to receive more attunements. After two years of experiencing life as a Reiki II, I began to see that one of the greatest gifts of Reiki is self-transformation.

When I received my Reiki Master, I understood on a deep level that we are all born with a mission to be as happy and whole as we can be. That the world is constantly offering us tools to do so. All we have to do is learn to recognize those gifts so we can accept them gracefully and defeat our personal obstacles. (the pic on the left is me with my teacher Pat)


I attribute the success stories I've had to the Reiki itself, an incredible, positive energetic experience that helps transmute stress and brings people into deeper alignment with their own lives. 

In my practice, I lay hands on people, allowing Reiki energy to flow through me so that your body can take it and heal in any way that is needed. I also teach classes on Reiki (Reiki I through Reiki Master) because I love sharing this modality.  I love seeing people armed with the tools they need to do their own self-healing. 


In America today, people pay so much for healthcare and often still struggle to feel healthy. Any work we as people can do that (1) prevents illness, (2) supports our natural healing system, and (3) quickly transforms illness that does set in, is powerful work. Reiki has the potential to do all of these things in a nurturing, gentle way.


Everything in life is connected. By understanding that, we can return ourselves to a place of wholeness and balance.  Our physical bodies and our emotional state are two important pieces of the larger picture of our health.

In my practice, I try to treat the whole person so that the healing resonates deeply and creates a wave of healing and joy from within.  As a reflection of this, I also incorporate other healing modalities I have worked with over the past 16 years, including herbalism, aromatherapy, chakra wisdom, flower essences, shamanic healing, metaphysics, art, dance, and meditation. 


I am also a mother, a writer, priestess, and an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church (which promotes a spirituality of love and tolerance rather than religion). 

Some of the volunteer work I hold close to my heart is Coastal Stewardship and the healing of Domestic Violence. As a society, we need to learn how to care for the land, and care for each other.

Mystic & Spiritual Teacher

Love & Happy Healing,



I teach classes in psychic and spiritual development, and creative metaphysics. If you would like to hear more about that, and about my psychic intuitive gifts and perspective, click HERE


I believe in the transformational power of the arts to heal. I encourage you to joyfully live each moment of life to its fullest potential, receiving the blessings around you and honoring your desires to learn and ever-expand your light for the benefit of yourself and others.


If you're not sure how to do that, come visit me.  I began Healing Heart Reiki as a way of helping others move through their spiritual and physical blocks with grace and joy.

Reiki Affiliations

  • I am a member of the Center for Reiki Research.

  • I am a member, and direct my practice in accordance with the code of ethics of the IARP (International Association for Reiki Professionals).

  • I am a member of FES, the Flower Essence Society.

Public & Media Appearances Include:


  • CONSTANT CONTACT 2010, 2011, 2012 All Star Award Winner 

  • CREATRIX MEDIA LIVE, 2011 Radio Interviews 

  • PANTHEACON 2010, 2011, 2012 Conference Guest Speaker


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