Healing Heart Reiki
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Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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Healing Heart Reiki

of Santa Rosa, CA



(1) You have been Reiki II attuned for approximately 9 months or more. You feel an inner readiness to receive the next attunement, and are open to meeting the energetic shifts that come with it. 

(2) You are in the process of reading the required readings

(3) You can draw the level II symbols, have comfort with using them, and are comfortable with self-healing via Reiki.

Required & Suggested Readings

There is a reading list here. Books can be purchased, checked out at the library, or borrowed from a friend. 

2018 Program Dates

  • September 21st (6pm-9pm), 22nd (9am-6pm), & 23rd (10am-5pm), 2018
  • 4 group calls via Zoom, as visioning support circle, tba.


To register, please do the following: 

1) Fill out & submit the enclosed application. Dailey will let you know if you've been accepted into the program.

2) Please submit your non-refundable partial payment for registration. If for some reason your application is not accepted, your payment will be fully refunded.


The program tuition for Reiki Master is $850. It will go up next year. This includes the 2 1/2-day Reiki Master Training and the apprenticeship program.  Payment in full, and an approved application admit you to the program. You will receive an email confirmation once admitted. Terms and Conditions: Your $850 tuition is non-refundable. If for some reason you are not able to attend the physical class, you will be welcomed to attend the next scheduled Reiki Master class. 


Payment can be made by cash (in person), credit card, or check. 

Checks can be made out to: Healing Heart Reiki


Payment Plans

If it is easier you can do a payment plan. This is 3 payments. In this case, your first deposit secures your spot in class and is due by September 1st. Then you can make the second deposit at a time that makes sense for you. The last deposit is due September 15th, 2018. Last minute attendees will be accomodated but at a higher cost due to putting a Rush on materials.

$300 + $300 + $250 = $850 

Please use the links below to pay the set amounts in the time right for you:



$250 FINAL PAYMENT DUE BY September 15th 2018