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What You Learn in the 2018 HHR Reiki Master Program

I completed the vision quest for this Fall's Reiki Master Program and some profound imagery and wisdom came up. We don't confer Mastery in one day, but I like to say that Reiki Master is a vow, a promise that, in the journey of life, we can recognize our ability to strive toward mastery, and recognize our ability to co-create with the world around us, leaving victimhood behind forever.

How do you transform all of those fears you have into the exact fuel you need to succeed? How do you take where you are timid, unclear, uncertain, and transmute then harness THAT energy, for true life mastery?

This immersive program will instill confidence in all Reiki Master Basics, including: techniques for hands-on work, ethics of holding space, values for business, successfully passing attunements. But we will also step into the deeper mystery of Creation, and how to hold your creativity when there are no resources or you have no confidence for the big steps.

This weekend immersion includes an extended training in Core Mastery for all particants, which is the new name for the ever-evolving HHR Apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship has, in the past been self-directed, but over time I have seen that people learn better when there is accountability.

Receive the heart-based support you need as you step into the deeper power of your creative self.

WHO THIS IS FOR: Reiki 2 students, previously attuned Reiki Masters (from any lineage), and Returning HHR Reiki Master Alumni (for you beloveds 50% discount).

Critical components of the program will be web based, so you must have email, and the ability to type up or submit homework.

We take as allies for this journey, the essence of the Rose, teaching us how to unfold our beauty while still having boundaries, and the Skull, a reminder of our connection to our Ancestors, and how ancestral healing can help support and strengthen us as we carry lineage into the future.

Enjoy a velvety deep weekend, with time to really reflect on and transform your life.
+ Master Symbols & how to use them
+ Passing Attunements for all Reiki Levels 
+ How to Lead Meditations
+ Advanced Methods for consistent results in physical health 
+ Developing A Practice
+ Preventing Burnout
+ Space Clearing for Abundance
+ Mastery of core Reiki I & II elements
+ Ethics & Troubleshooting difficult situations
+ Developing your intuitive awareness of Reiki flow

  • Develop Leadership
  • Release inhibiting programing around money & abundance
  • Talk about what you do
  • Hone your Creative Identity/Sense of Self
  • Uncover your Path

Apprenticeship Details

The Apprenticeship program is comprised of a 12-week web-based active program that uses audio recordings filled with supportive teachings, as well as energetic empowerments that also function to stabilize and deepen the initial master attunement. You may use the term "Reiki Master" after the initial training weekend, or as you feel ready, and you will receive a certificate. 

After these classes, you'll embark upon a customized track of co-teaching and leadership based on your needs and desires. Or, you may feel Complete. For those on a Teaching path, additional opportunities to grow into teaching with confidence are offered.

Travelers who do not live locally can still benefit from the apprenticeship because of its web-based model.