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Healing Heart Reiki

of Santa Rosa, CA


What You Learn in the 2018 HHR Reiki Master Program

  • Master Symbols & how to use them
  • Passing Attunements for all Reiki Levels 
  • How to Lead Reiki Meditations
  • Mysteries of the Violet Flame
  • Advanced Methods for consistent results in physical health 
  • Clearing Abundance Blocks
  • Foundations & Values for developing Private Practice
  • Self Care processes to prevent burnout
  • Space Clearing for abundance
  • Historical Reiki methods, including ability to send Reiki via hands, breath, eyes, sound, and heart intention 
  • Mastery of core Reiki I & II elements
  • Creating Reiki-based community
  • Ethics & Troubleshooting difficult situations
  • Developing your intuitive awareness of Reiki flow

What You Learn In The Apprenticeship

  • Dealing with awkward client situations 
  • How to Lead a Reiki Share
  • Releasing inhibiting programing around money & abundance
  • Talking about what you do
  • Honing your Healing Practitioner Identity
  • Uncovering your Creative Healing Path
  • Legal & Business considerations in Practice
  • A Special Project help you develop Confidence & Healthy Pride

Apprenticeship Details

The Apprenticeship program is comprised of a 12-week web-based active program that uses audio recordings filled with supportive teachings, as well as energetic empowerments that also function to stabilize and deepen the initial master attunement. 

After these classes, you'll embark upon a customized track of co-teaching and leadership based on your needs and desires. 

For those on a teaching path, attendance at monthly Reiki Clinics, documented healing work,  supplemental reading, and student teaching through Healing Heart Reiki make all the difference. If you live far away, you are encouraged to find a local Share, or create your own. You will receive support in making this happen.

You may use the term “Reiki Master” after the initial training weekend, or as you feel ready.

Travelers who do not live locally can still benefit from the apprenticeship because of its web-based model.

Program Benefits

  • Reiki Master Manual 
  • Reiki Master Certificate ~ this is given to you a year after the class, allowing you time to explore the meaning and grow comfortably into the title of Reiki Master.
  • Conscious Entry into the deeper mystery of the Universe 
  • Connection to your class community via an online Facebook group, occasional emails, and occasional alumni events.
  • 4 Zoom-based support circles

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