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Today's Solar Ley Line, Lunar Eclipse, and Full Moon! Energy That Reverberates.

Today's FULL MOON was in Taurus at 3:02AM PST. Just before that there was a total lunar eclipse at 2:59AM PST, making this a very transformational time. As always, you can enjoy the energetic of the full moon for about 3 days (the day before, during, and after).


It's so fascinating to me that on Monday there were no exact aspects at all, and yet Monday was also the true cross quarter of Samhain: the exact astronomical halfway point between fall equinox and winter solstice. In other words, Monday was also a power day.

Although Samhain is often celebrated in the United States as Halloween, and there seems to be a big emphasis on witchy looking full moons, in fact it's a solar holiday anchored in the the sun's movement throughout our year, not the moon.

Solar holidays affect our dominant energy through the season. These cross quarters that track the sun's movement are sacred holidays that have been celebrated by cultures all around the world by different names.

Solar holidays can charge up and reset our energy in how we move about the world, and what we choose to do. But lunar events (like today's lunar full moon and eclipse) help reset how we feel, how we perceive, and how we receive. So as you can see, these last few days have been like hitting an invisible restart button in our lives. These energy holidays are like ley lines, or points of power that exist, anchored in our time continuum, rather than traditional ley lines which our found in the physical earth.


Laying on the earth this weekend and Monday, I could feel my body absorbing energy. I allowed my mind to be still and I listened to the song of my soul. There's just as much power in "not doing" as there is in "doing." I found myself thankful for my self enforced stillness, and as I dropped in more deeply, I could feel how quickly the world has been shooting out new energetic downloads for us healers. We've been target practice! Sometimes in all of the "doing," it's hard to receive the powerful spirit messages coming through, until we take this kind of self enforced stillness.


What I've found in years of practice is that astrology is always perfectly timed--if we're wiling to tap into it. Celestial movements bring beautiful cycles of growth and rest that are perfectly geared to who each of us are. I wish astrology was taught in schools. In ancient Egypt new acolytes were taught astrology and astronomy, and expected to understand the basic computations of the stars. It was believed that you couldn't really chart your life path if you didn't know who you were and where you were at. Astrology is great at giving parameters for this type of soul discovery.

I've found that we don't always need to know the exact scientific computations that astrology provides, if we become really good at listening into our heart's intelligence (called Ab, or Ib in ancient Egypt). Our heart effortlessly holds all of the answers we are seeking about energy, time, place, identity, and future.

I spent a lot of my younger life pushing for goals, trying to force things to come into being, and controlling my actions and their outcomes. It was a very exhausting way to be in the world, and one day while running Reiki, I realized it wasn't necessary at all! I had already learned to surrender to Reiki in sessions, allowing universal life force to flow through me without effort. Suddenly I realized I could also surrender in my day to day life, and allow my mind, body, and spirit to pace with the world around me, without rushing.

There's no need to rush for any of the things we'd like to accomplish. It's all here. Today's lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus invites us to ground into our home life and the beauty of stable, predictable, quality living.

What if you give yourself that stable energy today? What if you allow yourself to receive the blessings of stability, not only for this moon season, but for the solar holiday as well? What if you allow stability and safety to resonate down the energy ley lines of your life, and throughout the rest of this entire year?

Friendships that hold extra drama, mindsets that force you to always be off balance-- those aren't necessary for growth or happiness. Growth can be dynamically stable. Once you understand that healthy change has a beautiful rhythm of its own, you can experience change and growth in a balanced easy way.


Give yourself space today. Simply allow the growth that's asking to happen, the change that's asking to happen, to just occur.

If you're reading this blog after the eclipse in the days following, then use your Reiki distance healing symbol from Reiki 2 Training and open a portal to send yourself some distance healing on the sacred cross quarter days that have just passed. Refer to your level 2 manual for details on how, or come to our regular monthly Student Q&A. I'd love to help you.

Giving yourself stillness, and opening to universal energy, is an amazing way to anchor and ground your energy through the holiday season. This will help you build vital energy at your core, so that you're resilient as an energy healer, family member, and earth keeper on this planet.

And. . .

Don't forget to celebrate and dance a little beneath the full moon!




DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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