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The Healing Power of Incense

Updated: May 21, 2022

It is said that incense brings our prayers to the gods. But what if you don't believe in god? What if there is nothing but you and the meditation mat? Well in that case, the delicate natural oils from which good incense are crafted, DO NOT bring your prayers to the gods, and instead go inside of your nose. There, certain essential oils (like lavender for example) interact with your brain, creating an almost instantaneous release of endorphins and relieving stress.

Simply by sitting and BE-ing with a stick of well crafted incense, or an oil burner, you will BE-come better. I'll share some of my favorite oils below, but first...

In Ancient Egypt, there was a belief that the particular essences of herbs and flowers when combined, created a scent that triggered the awakening of god-force (neteru). Certain gods were associated with fragrances so closely that to wear or bring such a fragrance into a space, was to instantly invoke the entirety of the sacred realms.

Incense, essential oils, and live fresh flowers, are a real blessing. If you find yourself wavering in spirit, or feeling a little bit energetically low, remembering these stories and take a deep breath of the fragrant realm of the gods.


As a priestess and healer, I often work with oils and incenses to clear energetic space, lift my mindset, and heal spiritual illness in coaching or healing clients. Some of my CURRENT favorites include...

❤️ Dragons blood resinous incense- paired with clear intention, it restores power into the energy field while quietly protecting.

❤️ Lotus oil - mind elevating, door opening, and nurturing to the upper chakras while helping to connect with the lower chakras.

❤️ Palmarosa oil or incense- both healing and protective for physical health and situations in which our emotions have become toxic within the physical human body, thus attracting other energies.

❤️ Lavender-Amber-White Sandalwood Incense- this house blend of incense is one I make at least once a year, and it helps raise one's vibration in love while being grounded and illuminating blocks to love. Amber is healing and soothing to trauma in the 2nd chakra. ... White Sandalwood *may be endangered now, so it is harder to come by, and ethically not one to use very often. Red Sandalwood can also be used to good effect. Or if made in tea form, white peony.

❤️ Pine or Frankincense Japanese Incense - clearing, protective, and elevating. Japanese always reminds me of childhood because this is exclusively what we burned in our house for prayers when I was young. Japanese incenses often use a different binder so the burn is different.

❤️ Queen Elizabeth Root -restores sovereignty and heals rips in the etheric field in themes of love

NOW Let's talk about Incenses for Clearing a House...


Over time you may have certain herbs, incenses, or smudges you particularly like for specific purposes. For house clearings I most often use one of these:

❤️ Sage - protects and clears

❤️ Benzoin - removes entities

❤️ Frankincense & Myrrh - raises the vibration and opens energetic doors

❤️ Sweetgrass - bring a gentle positive spirit to home

❤️ Copal - brings blessings and positive spirit while clearing

❤️ Cedar - clearing and invites wisdom

Many incenses have long cultural traditions, so I invite you to do a little research into your family bloodline or culture. Are there certain incenses or fragrances that have been used by your ancestors? How? Often, what we smell connects us to distinct memories. We also have memories in our body and dna. Certain scents may awaken significant energy, power, or safety for you, even if they are not "incense."

Thank you for listening to me share my LOVE for sacred smokes! Are there oils or incenses YOU love? I hope you'll share them with me below!


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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