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Surrender CAN Be Easy

Updated: May 21, 2022

The word for the week is Surrender. If you have been holding on to relationships that don’t serve you, working yourself to death in commitments that don’t resonate for you, or making promises you don’t truly want to keep, this is the week to let them go. Let them all go. All of them.

Surrender is not passive. Maybe at one time, it was a passive act, the act of simply not doing. In this age, however, we have been so deeply programmed to do, to act, to be, that surrender sometimes requires a crowbar in order to unhook those tightly fisted hands. When you surrender, you give yourself over to something. This is the week to give yourself over to the force of Love. Surrender to your own higher knowing. If you are Christian, surrender to God. If you are Atheist, surrender to your inner wisdom. If you are Pagan, surrender to the rhythms of the Earth and the spirits who have your happiness in mind. If you are Buddhist, surrender to your Dharma, to your Way. If you are pan-religious, surrender to all of these things. Whatever your beliefs, surrender to Love.

When you love yourself wholly, you won’t remain in relationships that shut you down. When you love yourself, you won’t work to death for commitments that don’t resonate. Instead you will make space for the commitments you love, and find ways for them to feed and inspire you as well. When you love yourself, you won’t make promises just to please others. Instead, you will learn how to communicate what you need, and what you can healthfully give.

Sometimes we love and value others more than ourselves, so we do mental (and sometimes physical) gymnastics in order to protect others, make them happy, or prove how much we can love. But we have to give just as much love to our own being. We don’t always realize where we’re being contortionists for others, to the detriment of our own selves (that also need our self-love).

This week, you may feel those insights beginning to creep in. You may begin to notice where you’ve been holding too tightly to things because they are your comfortable security blanket. And this week, this is the very best time to surrender. Give up the blanket. Open the fists. Soften your death grip. Realize that everywhere in your life where you are resonating in love and in harmony, you will continue to receive those gifts and benefits. What does not serve you will fall away. All you have to be willing to do, beginning today, is to Surrender. Give yourself over to Love, wherever or however it may appear in your life.

If you’re trying to hold on to old patterns that need to be released, you’ll recognize it if you sit still and ask yourself honestly, “Does this serve my highest good? My ultimate happiness? My life purpose?” Where the answer is no, *let go*.

When and where you surrender, you make space for incredible blessings to rush in and create new value, new life experiences, and new growth.

Where you have surrendered, your mind will create new mindsets, new programs that will help you take positive actions toward your dreams.

Surrender, surrender, surrender.



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