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Introducing our Member Portal for Online Learning

I've always wanted to have a secret menu. Magical passwords, doorways through wardrobes into new worlds, special things at the burger joint that aren't on the board--sign me up for all of it! Last year I had a total epiphany in the middle of all of the madness, and realized, after teaching 6 online Reiki classes, that ALL of the previously held skepticism I had about online teaching was wrong.

Now I do believe that Reiki, being a healing pathway with spiritual lineage, does require in-person components, but during the height of the pandemic, as people floundered with stress and spiritual doubt, I saw how absolutely critical it is for all of us to have networks of support and training that we can access all of the time. I saw that online healing has become a necessity, and can create a strong foundation for all in-person, real life work. Especially when there is accountability and true connection.


For years my Reiki Guides had told me, "Offer more online," but I resisted. I felt that the energy and the magic of human connection would be lost through the internet. I loved my in-person local community (and still do!), and didn't want to lose those magical experiences by opening to a larger world. However, the more time passed, the more I saw that I could always do in-person retreats, and that simply adding online offerings would create more stability within the teachings themselves.


Additionally I saw and even tried a few Reiki programs online that left me underwhelmed. There were good videos, but there was no human connection. There was no way for me to reach out to the teachers in these classes. They didn't ask anything of me, there was no accountability, and they had no idea who I was by the time I received certificates. I might as well have watched a video and made up my attunement.

Now, I won't pass judgement about those schools, because I truly believe that each of us does and receives Reiki in just the ways for us, and I can see that they could be very right for people in some circumstances. I also know there are some amazing Reiki teachers out there also teaching online. In that initial process of researching and trying classes, I became very clear that if I was going to teach online, I'd have to feel 100% confident about anyone and everyone I attuned through the Healing Heart lineage. I wanted to know my online students just as well as my in-person ones. I wanted to know that one day we could meet through a retreat or immersion, and that everything coming before was just as powerful, in different ways.


In the midst of these thoughts, I began a Member Portal on the back end of this website. My assistant Nikki and I began to put files and info there for current students and clients. My son also helped (and continues to help) me with feedback. In January of this year, we doubled up on those efforts, weighing in the responses of past students, continuously improving the Member Portal as a place where online students can receive training, supportive tools, and inspiration for that oh-so-personal healing journey.


The work is not done, but it's finally there for everyone to enjoy! You won't find the Member Portal on the main page. You have to create a login on the website (look for the purple bell). If you are a past student of HHR prior to 2021, you'll then be given access to every Reiki class level you have taken with me (Dailey). Present students who sign up for online classes are automatically added to the member portal as part of their training.

To access the Member Portal at anytime, simply log in with your same email, and look for the secret menu in the bell, with the words "Member Portal" at the bottom. It will take you to the Student Page, where you have access to your classes any time of day or night.


Inside the Member Portal, you'll find meditations, bonus teachings, all of the basics of Reiki, and links for special Office Hours and other resources to help you continue in your practice of Reiki.


If you took Reiki with me in person, even if it was years ago prior to 2021, you still receive access to the Member Portal. I've done this in order to ensure a certain quality in training for students across the board. I've always loved the one-day workshops, however the biggest struggle I found with students was the maintenance of their practice and the integration of the teachings. It's hard to remember everything taught in a day, while cosmic energy is simultaneously being blasted through your body. Now you don't have to remember, you can go back and review the material with fresh eyes.


If you have questions about Reiki and you've previously taken classes with me, you can ask your questions inside of our active Facebook Group, OR you can come to my Monthly Virtual Office Hours, which was created to support you on your journey. The link, dates, and other info for Office Hours is inside of your class listing in the Member Portal. My number 1 Goal for all students of HHR (past and present) is to help you fully absorb the beauty and power of the Reiki Teachings. They are so simple, they're easily overlooked, but review and repetition allow for amazing breakthroughs. I've seen it many times. Experienced it too!


Even if you are a local, in-person Reikiheart, your next step is to create your login and await a confirmation email or response that you've been added. It usually takes 24 hours (longer on weekends). Don't hesitate! This is a really important step to stay looped in, as Healing Heart Reiki moves forward with digital classes and in-person retreats into the next century.



Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

Healing Heart Reiki

Santa Rosa, California, USA


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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