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Here's the Truth

When you find what you love to do, you should do it. Don't make excuses about how it is impractical. Don't stress about how the money will (or will not come). Certainly you could be left homeless if you choose to move forward, but if you move from love and not fear, then the universe tilts backwards on its axis and the world belongs to you.

If you move forward in love and not fear, then suddenly your eyes are open to all of the resources around that seem to have appeared just in order to help you.

If you move forward in fear, determined but disbelieving in your own innate power, then you will attract all that you fear, and you will be walking against a sandstorm of adversity.

If you are already in that sandstorm, here is what you do. You turn around and dance in the wind. You laugh at the sand biting your skin and turn into the flow of the world around you. You move quickly and with certainty until you are riding the storm and can choose which direction you would like to go in the madness. And then you get out.

Once you are out, you move forward with love and deep understanding that the world is yours. This is the way.

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