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Full Moon in Cancer: Moon Wisdom for 12/29

Updated: May 21, 2022

Our final full moon this year is the Full Moon in Cancer on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 7:28PM PST. Cancer is often represented by the crab. An oceanic creature, crabs can pinch when they feel threatened, and yet they remind us of our connection the the ocean's tides and the cycles of life. Moon in Cancer can bring emotions and feelings to the surface, ready to be released. This is a blessing at year's end, as this moon allows us the opportunity to fully let go of the emotional impact of 2020.

In the upcoming year (2021!!!) you'll continue to process the ethical questions and practical changes that 2020 exposed, but if you can let go of strong emotional and survival energy during this moon, you'll have a better mindset to forge new ways forward, as next year's energy is much more stable.

The best way to work with this moon's energies is give yourself time to feel and to rest. The crab, when confronted, moves sideways, so remember that feelings under this moon do best when they are approached gently. This is not the best time for strong aggressive words. If situations of the past year need to be discussed, then approach the crab energy with great compassion and sensitivity so as not to create more fear or distress. Likewise, if you notice that you're feeling emotionally triggered, allow yourself a quiet exit from the situation to process; bury yourself in the earth by taking a long nap or going outdoors, and then return when you're ready.

Cancer energy also resonates deeply with home, family, acceptance, and belonging. Use this time to nurture your home space. Clean up, play good music, dance around your home, water your plants. Reflect on the people you love, and the people you view as your tribe. Fully allow yourself to receive the comfort of your family or closest friends. You may feel the urge to be alone as you process the year. You might also feel fatigued due to the energy of this moon at the climax of the year. When emotional healing is happening on an elevated level, it takes vital force, so you'll want to eat well and stay hydrated.

Clearing baths will help you release toxic emotional buildup. Remember to trust your intuition in everything you do, as it's a spiritual gift to help you see your truest path in 2021.

Now, Don't forget to Dance beneath the Moon!



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