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Effective Distance Healing with Reiki

Updated: May 21, 2022

I've always loved the Reiki hands-on modality for how wonderful it makes people feel. We're humans; we need touch. But sometimes our loved ones are far away, and the easiest way to offer our support is to send them energy by distance. I still remember growing up and hearing family members phrase this as, "I'll pray for you!" They weren't being tongue-in-cheek. They would actually sit down and send that loving energy, and I could feel it on the air waves. I was often sensitive that way, though I never really thought of the implications of energy being felt so tangibly. We can touch people with energy.

Later in life, as a Reiki Master and energy healing practitioner, I honed my own distance healing abilities using the lessons of Reiki, mixed with my own understanding of metaphysics. I developed my awareness from years of study, research, and practice. I found that there were certain things I could do in the moment that made a huge difference between whether people could feel my energy healing, or not. I continue to work on this today. It's always a pleasure when students in my online classes & sessions confirm feeling the energy just as I've sent it.

Today I teach classes about energy, and I've come to understand that truly effecting healing--not just "the feels"--is connected to 4 keys: intention, focus, energy, and surrender.

In Reiki classes, we talk about the practical aspects of distance healing such as the way to call in the energy, breath, posture, how to hold it, and how to activate the Reiki. However, subtle adjustments in mindset can make a huge difference in how strong and consistent that energy flow is. Let's explore these four keys!


On the physical plane, we have the laws of physics that tell us basics about how energy and matter flow. Everyone remembers Newton: "What comes up, must come down." However, on the astral, or energy plane, the laws of physics do not apply in the same way. Having a very clear intention allows you to activate on the astral plane.

Imagine if you wanted cake, and decided to go to the grocery store with just this vague desire; you might spend an hour going through the aisles debating box cake vs, scratch, back tracking for ingredients, trolling the bakery line, and filling a basket with no guarantee of going home satisfied. On the other hand if you went shopping with a clear intention such as, "I need ingredients to bake a chocolate cake from scratch!" Then you have a much higher chance of going where you need to go in the store, and getting what you need for a successful cake.

Similarly, people often do energy work or offer healing, but they have no idea where they want to direct the energy, how they envision it flowing, or what they hope the outcome will be. Spend time to get very clear on your intentions when you do distance healing. Who are you sending energy to? Why are you sending it? Have you asked for permission? Do you have a shared vision for the ideal outcome?


Intention helps set the pathways for how energy flows, but you also need focus. Have you ever been on a phone call, and static kept breaking up the connection? It's annoying, right?! When you're sending energy via distance, being able to hold a steady focus is how you keep static from disturbing your healing flow. Without focus, your connection will cut out.

Now, focus is one of those tricky things that many newbies feel they have, but it's truly only developed through time and practice. With consistent effort, your focus will become stronger, and the energy healing will be more effective.

One way to strengthen intention and focus is to practice visualization techniques. In Reiki level 1 training we teach a daily meditation, so that there's always an easy way to practice whatever techniques are needed on top of that. When you close your eyes and cultivate strong visual construction and memory techniques, it's easier for your mind to hold the intention and focus required for advanced metaphysics. I often suggest a series of simple exercises to students who are specifically trying to develop their intuitive vision.


Distance healing doesn't work without energy. The world is full of energy. Reiki itself is life force energy. In Reiki classes we learn how to call in this beautiful high-vibe source energy, so that it can be directed for healing. We all have our personal wellspring of energy, but the challenge of using your personal wellspring for healing work is that you'll likely feel depleted.

Learn to draw from greater sources, such as the earth and starry spheres. By directing a strong channel of energy, you do less of the heavy lifting. When people pray, they are often calling upon spiritual energy for the healing of themselves or others. Similarly in energy healing, knowing how to tap into a source helps the energy come in like a fire hose because it's specifically intended for that healing.

If your flow isn't strong, that can also affect distance healing.


Finally, the best healing happens with surrender. Sometimes healing practitioners will become attached to outcome. If you expect the healing outcome to go in only one way, and you push against the flow of what the energy naturally wants to do, then you can unintentionally stop the flow of healing. Part of healing is about surrender. Let the energy flow. Know that you can gently direct it, but that people are ultimately responsible for how they work with that energy.

I'm reminded of a basketball game. We're all on the same team, playing and flowing together with teammates. If your teammate needs the ball, you can pass it to them, but you can't ultimately control what they choose to do with that ball. They may make a basket, they may scrub out, or they may turn and pass it to someone else. You have to surrender, and simply do your part without ego.

WIth healing, you can offer the healing and love (always with permission, please!) but you can't dictate the outcome. The more you surrender from the outset, just focusing on your intention and power in flowing that energy where it needs to go, without ego attachment, the more powerful your distance healing outcomes will be.


Rev. Dailey Little, RMT Healing Heart Reiki

DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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