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DECEMBER 2022 Message ~ Change, Chaos, Twitter, Ancient Egyptian Gods, & Creating A Better Future

December is a month of power and rebirth. In ancient Egyptian astrology, we're coming into a time of year dedicated to Sutekh, a deity of chaos and raw power. This deity teaches that when you don't understand and claim your own power, including your shadows, you can't truly be of service to society in your highest form.

Instead, you'll seek power through others, and spend your days in greedy empty conquest for status symbols that make you feel like you've "made it." Meanwhile, your potential for true soul nourishment and joy rests untapped, because you're not actually aligned. You've based your life on external proof and societal survival objectives. The hungry spirit within never has rest.

This ailment has been going on for quite a long time in society. We see the symptoms of this unchecked greed in what's happening in the core of companies like Twitter, Facebook Meta, and Amazon. The owners of these companies, and the companies themselves have become so fixed on the social proof and accumulation, that true connection as a community of humans has taken a back seat. These companies don't truly understand or claim their unique power to actually be of service to humanity. They are out of balance, and that imbalance is reflective of the soul loss of their creators--and the soul loss of our society.

Heart and soul are part of what defines us as humans. We need these in balance and communication to steer society in a healthy direction. As we head into the end and creation of a new year, we can heal the rifts between our heart, mind, and soul.


Something I've thought a lot about recently is that the future we are creating is right now. In old magic, there's even a formula for how long it takes to make the future of your dreams happen. The saying goes, "Whatever you are creating right now, will manifest its full glory in 10 years."

When I was young and learning how to read palms, I was taught that any lines or "futures" you see can be changed with some intention and real action. If you want change any sooner, then it takes work because you are going against the grain of what you've already been creating. I felt like that message really echoed what I'd learned growing up Buddhist. Buddhism taught me that there are both conscious and unconscious causes we create, as well as conscious and unconscious effects. Together with a number of other specific factors, they weave the future into being.

In day to day life we take conscious actions that shape our future. Those are often easiest to control, with some intention and forethought. Those are considered conscious causes that create manifest effects. Through repetition, these actions gain momentum in forging the energy and physical reality we are calling in.

It's the unconscious causes we make that can sometimes trip us up in creating this imagined future. These unconscious causes are like our shadows; the truths about how we are moving in the world that we can't always see. Often, we've been raised or acculturated to these ways, so we don't recognize that are daily thoughts, beliefs, and actions could be holding us down in our journey. (likewise, we may have unconscious beliefs or habits we picked up, that are helping to secure our success).


Imagine our society is like a huge ship plowing through open sea, and we've gained a lot of momentum headed in an unsustainable direction through both our conscious and unconscious actions in the last century. Through our unchecked abuse of fossil fuels, and our industrialized mentality of consumption and wealth accumulation at all costs, we've driven ourself into rough seas. More and more people are looking out of the ship and saying:

"Hey, there's a better way we can do this."

"Hey, does anyone notice the danger ahead? We can't keep going like this."

"Hey, stop fighting in here because you're needed if we're going to deal with these weather issues and keep our ship together."

Now in the 2000s, the many social activist movements sparking our consciousness may often feel chaotic, emotionally cathartic or even possibly unsettling. We're being asked to re-think how we understand society, culture, race, sexuality, identity, and even more so we're being asked what we feel truly devoted and loyal to within our lives. How do we shape our values? What do we want to put our energy behind? What is the version of society we want to see in the future?

Our answers to these questions now, are creating that future, and we may not even feel we have all of the answers, so then fear and chaos ensue as a result.

...we may not even feel we have all of the answers, so then fear and chaos ensue as a result.

But these voices as well as the response from the world around us, are critical to breaking up the hold of our old course! It's so important to recognize that the discomfort and chaos of being asked to question our world view is a part of the natural process of growth. We've forgotten that when societies grow, life gets uncomfortable for those who were most comfortable, and that has repercussions across the board.

Sometimes you may be the voice, at other times you are the chaos, or even the fearful human running for cover.


The earth is full of abundance, but we must wield our power with respect. We can't take from the planet's resources without giving. We can't create war, or decimate the beliefs and traditions of other cultures without balancing our actions through rectification or restitution. Every time humans become takers and conquerors without the ethos of love and compassionate balance, we hurt our course as humanity.

Taking without balance is unsustainable. This is a natural law that applies to everything, from relationships to economics to culture. In nature, a plant takes from soil, but gives back to the eco-environment, and ultimately even its dead leaves help nurture the seeds for the future. As humans we're a part of the earth cycle and we hurt ourselves if we believe that we can be exempt from the natural checks and balances of this planet. We're beginning to understand this, and to wake up from the patterns that have perpetuated this style of living. As we wake up, some people are choosing to move further into the pattern where it's comfortable for them and where they have power--while others are choosing to break it in order to return power to the collective of humanity. Chaos results.


In ancient Egypt, Sutekh is a netjer, or force, of chaos. In more modern times, and through western interpretation, he has slowly become demonized and thought of as evil. Likely due to the religious influence of anthropologists and scholars unearthing ancient artifacts, the stories of Sutekh sowing chaos have been overlaid with stories of the devil bringing down good.

Sadly, this misunderstanding glosses over an important lesson taught in Egyptian wisdom. Sutekh is still a force of nature (netjer), still a god that is in the solar barge, pledging to protect the greater good. He's the necessary chaos and disorder that helps to create positive changes.

In the old myths when the gods and netjeru of order comes up against a dangerous entity that threatens to end the light and humanity altogether by consuming and destroying the sun god Ra, there is only one being strong enough to protect Ra in that moment--and it is Sutekh.

Despite incredible resources, even beloved fan-favorite deities like Isis, Hathor, Osiris, and Anubis don't have the power to stop the danger posed to Ra. It is because Sutekh is unpredictable, chaotic, and connected to the raw power of his desire and will, that he's able to defeat what's out there and keep humanity safe. His resonance of chaos breaks old patterns, shattering all of the chains the bind so that a new way forward can be found.

In modern society, we've lost touch with the idea of necessary chaos. Schools, workplaces, and government run best on the concept of stable 'normalcy.' As kids we are discouraged from doing anything 'out of the norm.' But the best genius comes from this raw chaotic creativity.

As we head into winter, you might look around and see a lot of chaos. Don't be afraid of even more changes coming. Keep returning to a consciousness grounded in love, and keep fighting for what you know to be true in your heart. Remember to balance that with compassion for others who are succumbing to the chaos. Step out of judgement and into your center of light and love.

To stay connected with the future you envision in 10 years, you need to create it right now, by staying in your heart, and in your consciousness. Chaos or busy pacing around you is just an indicator that the 'old normal' is shedding fast. You are stabilizing this social transformation that our entire society is going through, by keeping your vision, intention, and actions focused in the desired outcome. The chaos will help bring awareness to your unconscious actions, so you can course correct those as well.

In December here at Healing Heart Reiki, I'm celebrating my birthday month. I'm happy to be alive, and to start another turn around the sun. The autumn was filled with birthing one of my new programs, "Healers In Business." I've watched with excitement as the magical healers in that program have taken solid, steady action to build something in the world that will contribute more healing, more light, and more love in turbulent times.

I also kicked off "30 Days of Healing," just a few weeks ago, and it has been a fun variation on Reiki Training. I've loved sharing more earth based healing methods, and traditional folk magic in snippets, in our group setting. I do ultimately feel that Reiki is beautifully balanced when incorporated with love and awareness for the earth beneath our feet.

We have the final Student Office Hours of the year, just before winter solstice, and I will also have some space opening up for more private session work toward the end of the month, and in the new year. My focus next year will be on teaching energy healing and business coaching.

But I'm NOT at the New Year YET! 😜 I'm excited for Christmas trees, Yule cordials, winter walks in the evergreens, singing, celebration, and rest. . . ! Let's greet this fresh month!

blessings, Dailey

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*the pics above are from Unsplash

DAILEY LITTLE is a transformational life and business coach for light workers and healers who are ready to embrace their livelihood. She is also an ordained Priestess and spiritual teacher. She founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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