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Angel Oracle: Week of August 23, 2021 Archangel Michael

Updated: May 21, 2022

Yes friends, I've decided to do another round of weekly oracles. I just loved how the angels helped to anchor the energy of the week, and I'd love to do it again for a small series, bringing in Reiki to help with intuitive interpretation.

This week's oracle brings us ARCHANGEL MICHAEL who says, "Remember Who You Are. You are a Powerful and Creative Child of God. You are Very Loved.

It's time to grow. Your life has been pushing for a birthing of something new. Maybe you feel like you're up against old karma, or old patterns with family and friends that leave you a little insecure. There may be a voice inside that says, "I can't do this."

Dear friend, don't listen to that voice. You absolutely have the ability and power to up-level your life in whatever ways you may be uncertain about, this week. Remember that everything you see around you was once just an idea, just a tiny spark in the thoughts of a human. We are all great inventors, and you definitely have the ability to steer your life in the direction your soul beckons to go.

You are so, so loved. The archangels are standing with you, whether you believe in them or not. You can call to Archangel Michael this week to be your divine helper and support if you need an extra bit of protection or courage. Remember, the Archangels have the ability to be multiple places at once, so you are not disturbing the angels by asking for loving support.

This oracle card calls upon you to remember the power of your own ability to love, wield your determination with strength, to have faith in yourself and your life, and to go forth. Archangel Michael also wields a flaming sword that can help cut the chords to what may be holding you back, and help protect you.

As energy healers and practitioners, we can remember that the energy of Archangel Michael also lives within each and every one of us. Awaken your inner protector. Wear a bit of blue, or carry a stone on you to help raise your vibration. For this week, Archangel Michael suggests blue calcite, amethyst or watermelon tourmaline. Channel Reiki into your stones, envisioning yourself surrounded by a protective, loving light.

Your affirmation for this week:



DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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