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A Meditation For Clarity

Sit in a chair or find a comfortable place on the floor. Make sure your spine is fairly straight, as this allows energy to flow in the most uninhibited way through your chakras. Set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, and turn off your phone (yes, really, turn it off, or put it on DND!). This way you will not be disturbed, and the timer will keep you from going longer than desired without your meditation time being punctuated by anxious looks at the clock.You can read this meditation while doing it, or you can record it ahead of time on a microphone app if you have one (many phones do).

Breathe. Just sit and breathe. Allow your body to settle for what feels like five minutes. Notice where pain or discomfort come up in the body. This silent witnessing of your body's experience actually makes your connection with your body stronger, so you don't want to skip it. Notice where you hurt, where you have no real feelings either way, and where you body is tight or relaxed.

Notice your breath again. Is it heavy or shallow? Take a deep breath into your lungs, just to see how it feels to fill them out, and to expand the belly.

Now focus your attention your eyes. Keeping the head still, look slowly to the left, and slowly to the right. Do this again. Look slow up. and slowly down, and do this again. Roll the eyes in a slow circle, noticing where they seem to jerk or lose traction. Doing this regularly will ease tension in the eyes, which energetically frees up your spiritual energy to perceive more deeply.

Close your eyes and turn your eyes upward in your head to the region of the middle forehead, as if you were looking at your third eye. Simply look there, imagining a blank movie screen. If certain colors, images, or memories come up, witness them with gentle patience and kindness, intending for the screen to once again clear.

Try to keep the screen blank. Breathe, allowing that nourishing inhalation of life force to help you keep the third eye open and clear. 

If you have never done this, the work of focusing on the third eye can create a small awakening, which may result in more vivid dreams or memories. Return, always, to the simple breath and blank screen.

When you feel ready, place hands in prayer position of your heart. Say, "I welcome the light of clarity and love."

Alternately, if you work with Angels, this would be a good time to pray: "I welcome the angels who bring clarity, and ask that my thoughts and perceptions now be made clear."

If you are Reiki Attuned, welcome in Reiki Light in addition to the above.

Feel a mist of luminous light descending from above, clearing not only your brain, but your whole auric field. Visualize this light coming down into the movie theatre of your mind, and illuminating your inner screen with white light.

If this is a challenge for you, or if this is your first time, support yourself by repeating, "I welcome white light."

The full spectrum of this light will help burn away ego and bring about greater clarity. 

Watch this light pass all the way through your body, opening all of your channels into the earth. Watch this light pass into the earth, leaving you refreshed, more luminous but pulsing with your own personal energy.


Notice the breath again. Relax attention away from the third eye, allowing heavy drapes to close over the screen if needed. 

Sit and rest for the remainder of your meditation time, simply being present with yourself. Let the sound of your own breathing anchor you in this moment where all that exists is your beautiful emanating field of being.



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