Lotus Intake Form

This Lotus Intake Form will help you and I go deeper in your session, working with energy teachings and shamanic healing in addition to Reiki (Reiki doesn't require any kind of fore-knowledge or information).  This is the beginning of your reflection and healing process.  


Please pour a cup of tea and take some time to reflect on the questions below.  We will be working with astrology, chakras, and several forms of subtle energy work to help support your natural blossoming. Please be as honest as you can. You can answer in as much or as little detail that feels right.

Please provide below what is accurate according to your birth certificate. Please note: I’ll use this to run an astrology chart on your behalf, and look at life purpose and other prominent themes. Astrology relies on an accurate birth time so if you’re uncertain, consider getting a copy of your birth certificate. It is actually very easy and can be done in a day. I need your time, to the minute (no guess-timations), and your birth city/state/country.