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Welcome Beautiful Goddess! Here's a message just ...

Welcome To the Temple Orientation


Let's get you situated . . .


First thing's first, make sure you've joined the Goddess Rebel Temple School Secret Circle. In that space we are deciding on Zoom Live group dates/times, and getting to know each other. Go there now, and sign up to complete this orientation step:




The Sacred Art of Time Management

Hey Beauty! Have you ever planned a huge project--say, for instance, cleaning the garage--and then you just never did it? Maybe the garage felt too packed, or you were overwhelmed and thought, "I just don't have the time!"

Well lets make sure that doesn't happen here, okay?

There is a lot of content in this program, and at times, even five minutes of a video or audio may feel like too much. The best way to ensure that you can get the best out of this program is to set up a 1 hour block of time for yourself three days a week. OR a 1/2 hour block every evening. Can you do it?

If you're not sure where or how to fit in the homework portions of this course, don't be afraid to reach out in our secret circle and ask for guidance. In the meantime, let's give it a try:

Pull out that planner--yes, right now--and open it to January, February, and March. Plug in some dates and times you feel you can commit to. Yes, actually write these in as a Sacred Appointment with yourself.


Resonate: I resonate with my visions of my ideal day, my ideal adventure, my #goddesslife!

Entrain: I vibrationally entrain into the new vibe of my #goddesslife, finding and celebrating sweet moments

Burn: I burn away all of the things that no longer serve my spirit, and set boundaries to hold the good.

Embody: I embody a life of self-love. I love myself and I put my needs first, so that I can better show up.

Lead: I lead inside of my triple goddess nature, honoring my divine inner mystery, as I cocreate with passion.

Winter Quarter Calendar

What We Do









Wild Pussy Activation

Your Actions for the Rest of the Week:

  • Create a Pleasure Circle with Altar

  • Consecrate your magical journal by saying a prayer over it as you pass it through the elements (incense/sage, candle flame, natural water, and dirt/flowers). Dedicate the inside of your journal and/or name it.

  • Choose an empowered name for your wild pussy.

  • Draw a picture of your physical vulva in your journal. You can use a hand mirror to get a closer look. It’s not about the finished product, it’s about the process. You can use crayons, paints, markers, or a simple ballpoint pen. Draw what you see. For me, music and being in a pleasure circle are essentials for this process.

  • Now on the opposite page, use colors to draw and express in a separate image how your yoni FEELS.

  • Vision deeper into your #GoddessLife. Put aside a half hour, either in pleasure circle or in some inspired place (a garden, a coffeehouse) to write about YOUR ideal #GoddessLife. This is the time to dream and be over the top.

  • Start a visual repository of goddess images and lifestyle images that inspire your #GoddessLife. This may be on a website like Pinterest, Instagram, in a folder on your computer, or you might print and tack them to a physical board; whatever makes the most sense to your lifestyle is how you can approach it.

Have Fun, Beauty! Remember, the level of intention and presence you bring is more important than the finished product. Enjoy the journey!

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