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Healing Heart Reiki

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Hello Beautiful!

I'm so glad you found us, and I'm hoping you may be another rebellious, joyful spirit like myself! :-)

As we enjoy another magical year, I'm gathering a tribe of GODDESS REBELS who are ready to completely transform their lives through love, pleasure, and fun! Some of these rebels will connect online from all around the world in sisterhood. Others will feel the call for MORE, and seek training in ancient mysteries of the divine feminine. Protected for thousands of years, these mysteries now ache to be shared with the right women who will rise as natural leaders in their own communities. The GODDESS--the divine feminine--is returning... through YOU.

If you have felt a deep curiosity or love for the Divine Feminine, then come into our circle. Whether you are a priestess with years of experience or you are just at the beginning of questioning this in this life, you are welcome!

If you know you were meant for more, and you're ready to live your joyful truth, then click the link below to read more and let's see if the Goddess Rebel Temple School is the right fit for both of us.

Incubate together in our magical temple and receive the support of sisterhood as, with magic, mindset, and ancient mysteries, we:

❤️ Launch your dream life, get that dream home
❤️ Nourish your core, feed your heart
❤️ Deepen your understanding of the ancient ways
❤️ Tell that partner how you REALLY feel
❤️ Heal your mindset to transform your family
❤️ Receive deep and abiding love
❤️ Attract new and amazing experiences

PRACTICALLY speaking, haha:
❤️ Get Certification for Priestess Ritual Medicine Level 1
❤️ Learn to release trauma & stress from your womb & heart
❤️ Develop Oracular, Psychic, and Intuitive skills, naturally!
❤️ Receive Divine Activations in the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt

HOW will we do it? Through:
❤️ Moon Rituals
❤️ Channeled Teachings
❤️ Quiet Study time in the Classroom
❤️ Secret Circle of Sisterhood
❤️ 1 on 1 Q&A Time in our Groups

And later, options for in-person gatherings to further activate the magic.

You've probably felt the draw to the Goddess for some time, whether through hearing her stories, or in simply feeling the magic that oozes from nature, from the soft breeze and the warm sunshine.

You might have strong intuitive nature that you're learning to control, or you may even be extremely gifted but uncertain how it all fits together. . . .

This is the place and time to rise up to the next level. Rise up, Goddess, and dance that creative dance that fires up the sky.

Whatever your song is, wherever you're at, I have worked with hundreds of women in private session around healing these pieces, and do you know what I've learned? That while private work is sometimes essential, the healing vortex of a circle of conscious women can often transform ALL OF IT in an instant.

The Goddess Rebel Temple School is not only a circle of sisterhood exploring the ancient mysteries of the Goddess, it is also a healing and nourishing space of Love, Self-Love, & Connection as you drop deeper into alignment, get un-bored, and rock solid in your vision and approach to career, love, and happiness.

As a Priestess, I'm here to help YOU, magical woman. The work of the temple IS the work of your heart and spirit. It's deep, joyful, and transformative. I only have limited space for the Temple School, but the amazing beings around the world I choose to work with are ones in whom I truly believe I can help activate the big vision.

This 8 week program is fully online, with beautiful moon rituals, connections to likeminded women creating real community, accountability, and accelerated growth. It includes learning and celebrating the sacred feminine, and all of it is just SO YUMMY!

THE GODDESS REBEL TEMPLE SCHOOL is devoted to the divine and sacred mysteries, with greater vision toward:
*Modern Priestess Training & Ordination
*Warrior Priest Training & Ordination (summer 2021)
*Leadership & Community Classes for those who are felt called to bring their light in unique ways in the world

This spring we continue to weaving the threads of love. Enrollment is NOW OPEN.

FACILITATOR: Rev. Dailey Amani Little, RMT, Alchemical Priestess
LOCATION: Online (Multi-media Teaching Platform, Zoom, & FB)


You can learn ALL about it, and even sign up directly, by looking at the details HERE: https://www.GoddessRebels.com

And then set up a call on that same page to talk with me! I can't wait to meet you on our call and hear what's going on! As women, we heal when we connect, share, and rise together!

Dailey Amani Little❤️

PS: Whether you've worked with me a zillion times before, or you're brand new, this message is for YOU if you feel the love of the Goddess in your heart. Let's connect below. :-)

Apply for your FREE Goddess Rebel Temple School Consult with Dailey! 

I highly recommend taking Dailey's classes. They've helped me in my energy work, made me feel more confident, I've received so much wonderful information. After taking several classes my body feels a lot better and functions in a healthier loving way every day.

Vixen C. (yelp)

As a result of my work with Dailey I am sleeping better and losing weight. If you are looking for someone to heal the past and bring you fully into the present Dailey is who I recommend.

Marian W. (Yelp)

Truly wonder in every way! Dailey offers a very clear & honest approach to healing. Her insights & Reiki touch are loving. I have always received practical suggestions to continue the work post session. Her spaces are very welcoming & host a great community of people.

Amanda Metcalf

Dailey is a unique and wonderful individual who is passionate and intelligent along with exuding immense feminine power mingled with fun and positivity. She puts her heart and soul into her work and will make anyone feel comfortable and safe as she is someone you can put trust in. I’ve had many interactions with Dailey and have the utmost respect for her and her work. Dailey truly has a magical and powerful quality that you don’t see everyday and translates into her healing abilities. I truly recommend her for even the most hesitant individuals unfamiliar with such work!

N. Gold

I went to see Dailey and get some clarity and wow, did I get a whopping dose of it. I just can’t say enough good things about her. She has a loving heart and was able to communicate what I needed to know very effectively. Plus she exudes a calmness/happiness blend that was healing all by itself. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for healing or spiritual guidance.

Nancy R.

I’ve received healing work from Dailey… I’ve found that she’s dead on in her ability to see into clients and reflect back what she has received intuitively about blockages or areas needing focus. I’d definitely recommend taking a class with her or registering for a private session

Nadirah A.

The channeled messages I have received from Dailey have always been spot on. She speaks from her heart and soul which I find is a blessing, as there is no ego involved when she is in sacred space. She is truly communicating with the universe, spirit guides and angels...  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for more of that universal guidance, you will not be disappointed

Trish Pettitt, Owner
Skin Addiction Spa & Apothecary

When I look back on the transformation that my life has taken, my heart is filled with gratitude. I was going through things that I couldn’t make sense of. Dailey helped me find my way. I have since completely fallen in love with energy healing and started my own part time Reiki practice. She also gave me real, practical business guidance which helped me find the confidence to launch my makeup line.

Meagan Major, Founder
Major Makeup

I receive more insight during one session with Dailey than in months of talk therapy. She can see to the root of the problem and give sound action steps for moving forward. She holds healing space in a way that is confident and safe especially when dealing with real hard issues. Her down to earth personality and real-life experience frames tangible next steps for learning and improvement. Through her training and example, I have discovered my own leadership abilities and with her support I've been able to apply them in both my personal life, my career and in my spiritual community.

Dana Valley

About Dailey:
Rev. Dailey Little is a Reiki Master Teacher & Ordained Priestess of Aset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis (FOI, TOI, SOI). Naturally intuitive and gifted from a young age, Dailey incorporates the wisdom she has learned through 20 years of Buddhism, community facilitation, the Goddess Mysteries, and shamanic energy healing into the thriving HHR community, and into her Goddess Circles and Red Tents. Dailey offers teachings and spiritual direction from a multi-faith heart-based model with personal empowerment at its core. She love, love, LOVES the sacred and wild creativity that lives in all of us. As a certified teacher in modern Tantra and the Hathor Goddess Love Mysteries, she believes that as we heal our relationship with our own inner wild self, we discover the blessings and joy all around. You can learn more about her journey at: bit.ly/WhoShe47