Domestic Violence In Sonoma County 

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Global healing begins in our own homes. Are you a victim of domestic violence?  Are you worried about leaving because of finances, children, or your own safety?  Someone once told me, "The best step you can make is the step out of the door. It is also the hardest. You don't know if you're doing the right thing. You don't know if you'll survive. But to stay is surely a slow death. Is this what you were put on the earth for?" In fact, if you are physically afraid to go, then you are definitely being abused.

Even if you're not sure what to do--or even if you have no intention of leaving, you can do the following things right now for your own long term safety and well-being:


1. Research the exact meaning and definition of abuse at a local coffee shop that offers wifi. If you do this research at home, always clear your history, data cache, and cookies. Does it count if he only hit you once? Does it count if you provoked him? Does it count if nobody saw it and you didn't report it? Does it count if there is nothing physical, and it's just a lot of screaming and crying? For your own safety, learn the answers to these questions.

2. Save 9-1-1 as well as the number for the Sonoma County Sheriff into your phone: 707-565-2121. You will not be thinking about this if a crisis occurs, so do it now.

3. Review the following list of links (see below). Education is your best weapon. Courage takes time to develop when your self-esteem is being pummeled. 

4. If you are struggling to heal the emotional stress of being abused at home, work, or anywhere else, please set up an appointment for free Reiki healing on the first Saturday of the month.

5. This is not a cliche: You are not alone. If you know you are in a bad situation, or you know someone else who is, just begin with finding some answers, and learning how to calm your fears so you can make the best decision possible.


Sonoma County Links

The Sheriff's office:

YWCA Confidential Safehouse for Women & Children (Santa Rosa):

Free Paperwork for Restraining Orders (hit reload if it doesn't come up right away):

Find an online community for support:

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