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Healing Heart Reiki

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Quotes Dailey is a truly and profoundly talented Priestess, Teacher, and Reiki Master. I have been a student of hers for just over two years now, and they have been some of the most transformative years of my life. She has an innate wisdom that is both deep and enlightened. Dailey is of the quality and caliber of Teacher and Mentor that only the very lucky are able to find in a lifetime of searching. Quotes
Santa Rosa

Quotes It is fitting to write about Healing Heart Reiki on Thanksgiving. It is easy to do so joyfully, and with gratitude for the special place that it is. A wonderfully lush oasis of healing, transformation and development, Healing Heart Reiki facilitates the discovery and illumination of the treasures that lie within the heart, and which are available to all of us. With a vast sea of knowledge, patience and humor, Dailey embodies the compassion, loving-kindness, integrity and grace that many pay lip service to, but few are able to manifest, let alone exemplify and share. If your spirit needs succor, or if you aspire to connect with a heart-based reality, there is no better place than Healing Heart Reiki. Quotes
Tom S.

Quotes I want to thank you for all your healing and teaching. You are an amazing woman. The words powerful, loving, caring immediately come to mind. Every time I have come to you for healing I have come away with a renewed sense of being. You give a bit of a nudge to keep going, teaching, leading, as a Lioness with her cub. I appreciate your wisdom and ability to be an open channel so that others may heal. Quotes

Quotes I can't thank you enough for the gift of your healing touch yesterday. The effects already are quite profound. This morning I feel so much swirling energy coursing through every blood cell of my body; so much joy and gratitude to experience and to share... Quotes
Carol A.

Quotes What a wonderful session we had Thursday! Thank you again. I AM feeling a little stronger each day and becoming more stable and comfortable with doing the Reiki on myself and strengthening positive feelings. You are a very talented healer and I am grateful to have found you. Quotes
Linda Rocco
Santa Rosa

Quotes Thank you so much for the time and healing that you offer. I always feel that I can come to you with my ragged, ranting, raging soul flapping wildly about and you meet me with a sweet groundedness that is simultaneously calming and uplifting. I always feel that I am a better person after one of your healings. You reflect back to me a vision of myself I can't always see. Quotes
N. Gooden

Quotes First off, my words won't do her justice -- Dailey's skills are something to be experienced. I'll keep it simple by saying that Dailey is deeply and extraordinarily multitalented. She is blessed with magical skills and knows just the right things to say or do to get me to a higher level, whether it is helping me reach a creative breakthrough or teaching me how to use certain tools more effectively! Her compassionate perspective, impeccable integrity, and results speak to me. Quotes
Angela Archer
Southern California