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Reiki in Every Household

Posted by healingheartreiki on January 8, 2017 at 1:55 AM

This morning 16 of us met for the monthly ReikiSHARE in the old stone building at Railroad Square. The new SMART train was testing as usual, and the occasional sound of the train’s horn floated up to our morning healing sessions like nostalgic jazz released from the confines of musical pentameter.


Sometimes I feel sentimental about this place. Built to last, the Historic Western Hotel building made it through the 1906 earthquake, witnessed Santa Rosa’s shift from industrial age to the age of technology, and here it still stands, housing bohemians, healers, coffee addicts, and other professionals.


I’m happy to start the new year here, though my sentimentalism is caused by knowing that soon I’ll have to move. I hear it on the wind. Okay, literally, I hear it every time the train blares. Reiki doesn’t need to happen in a quiet environment; healing will occur either way. But I feel my internal shift as an energy practitioner, away from the transformative magic of the railroad crossroads, and into a new phase of deep creativity. Soon, soon, the time will be here. The train horn calls me to action.


I have a dream of Reiki in every household. A hundred years ago, people would have laughed at the idea of cell phones. Now we see them as a necessity (and really, they aren’t!). A hundred years ago, nobody had heard of a Chiropractor, and those who had, thought they were unreliable and possibly even scam artists. Today, almost everyone knows what a chiropractor is, and the general consensus is that sometimes they’re extremely helpful.

These experiences we take for granted today were birthed in the minds and hearts of regular people who had big dreams. It took more than one dreamer. It took many, together, creating a movement that shifted the landscape of our future. Those first dreamers are often seen as crazy. When there is enough momentum, they are seen as weird. When the energy has caught, they are seen as savant. When the energy is established, they are normalized.


In my heart I reflect on the beauty of energy work, and I know that it’s time for us, as light workers, to create the cohesive movement that will make energy work a household reality. Everyone should have the basic skills to heal themselves and others.


I see Reiki as a skeleton key. That is, I see that Reiki is deceptively simple and through its grace and simplicity offers all of the basics that a person needs to know in order to do fantastic healing work and live a mindful life. But. . . the teacher matters. There’s no overarching certifying body of Reiki, and not all teachers teach these basics. Many don’t recognize the power of basics, because it’s much more interesting to do the advanced work. I feel you have to learn your alphabet before you can spell, and if you skip over half of the letters, you’ll never be a great writer. In our American consumerist rush for quick fixes and instant gratification, we’ve forgotten how important the basics are.


Metaphysical work is varied, rich with wisdom, and yet why should we master astral projection or telekinesis if we don’t understand what these gifts can do for our inner state of happiness and communal well-being? We’ve got to begin with the basics, and stabilize well being in our real, day-to-day lives. Reiki is excellent for doing just that.


Today 16 of us held hands, activated light energy, and received healing. Some of us laughed. I saw tears too, but the good kind. I looked at people I love and adore who didn’t see me watching them in deep conversation, and I felt the gifts of community. I felt so lucky to be in this space witnessing not only magic stones and portals, but the magic of friendship, kindness, forgiveness, and—essentially love. We’re not witches in the burning times, here in Santa Rosa, California. We don’t have to hide our inquisitive nature, or our natural blossoming gifts for connecting with life force. We have freedom to explore all that the universe has to offer. With that freedom, we’re awakening a great, shining light from within.


That’s a pretty nice beginning of a movement, for Reiki in every household, I’d say.


Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

Healing Heart Reiki 

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