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What You Learn in the 2019 HHR Reiki Master Program

"Born of fire they rise, filling the world with light."


Reiki Master is the 3rd and final class in Reiki. When you complete Reiki Master, you have learned the full system of Reiki, allowing you to teach and pass attunements to others as a lineage holder in Reiki. The completion of the system brings many gifts even for those who don't feel called to teach. Imbued with the final Master symbol, you discover insightful truths about the nature of abundance, manifestation, and creation.


True life mastery can not be conferred in one weekend. Your mastery will develop in its own time. However, I like to say that Reiki Master Training is a vow, your promise that on the journey of life, you'll strive towards mastery, co-creating confidently with the world around you.


When I first sat in vision for our 2019 Master class, I saw that we would also be gifted beautiful spiritual medicine of the magical Phoenix, a bird who dies by fire only to be reborn anew. In vision, I saw that the energy of the Phoenix is about immolation through LOVE. In welcoming the nourishing love of the master energy, our system is reworked and reborn.

In Reiki Master you'll learn the final sacred symbols of Reiki, including the Master Symbol. This symbol can be used to amplify your creative abilities, create new beginnings, and manifest abundance anew. Thus, the Phoenix joins us on our journey in order to show us how to surrender to love. Come be swept into the arms of a loving universe, and to allow that love to rebirth you and your most sacred dreams. 


How do you transform all of those fears you have into the exact fuel you need to succeed? How do you take where you are timid, unclear, uncertain, and transmute THAT energy, for true life mastery? Love! In this special 2019 class, you'll learn the symbols, master technique, but most importantly, learn--like the Phoenix--how to remake yourself wherever and whenever you need it most, and in the most delicious way.


This immersive program will instill confidence in all Reiki Master Basics, including: 


❤️ Advanced Techniques for hands-on work

❤️ Healthy relationships with clients, money, intuitive boundaries, and unique energy healing challenges

❤️ Values and Confidence as a light bringer and earth worker in the world

❤️ How To Successfully Teach, Pass attunements & offer Reiki to others


Receive the heart-based support you need as you step into the deeper power of your creative self.


Learn the foundational pieces necessary to create your energy healing practice as your livelihood.




Reiki 2 students (from any lineage) who are ready and excited for the next step, previously attuned Reiki Masters (from any lineage), and Returning HHR Reiki Master Alumni (for you beloveds 50% discount).



The program includes a magical weekend immersion at Healing Heart Reiki Headquarters (the rambling gray victorian) in Santa Rosa, California, in September where you will learn the juiciness that IS Reiki Master; receive your final initations, and celebrate. The weekend is often filled with laughter, good tears, and heartfelt friendship, even as you learn all about becoming a Reiki Master. I've seen lifelong friendships created in this class.


This also includes a 6 week online training via email with short videos and writings to further develop your confidence in energy work. A week before you come to class you'll begin the training, and then the weeks following, you'll continue to receive support with additional lessons. You'll do a final project of your choice.


You'll also join 4 video calls! These are so fun! Held in sacred circle, they help anchor your mindset around energy work and your confidence in pursuing next steps. I offer healing Reiki and empowerments on these calls when needed, but they are essentially "ASK ME ANYTHING" calls where you can plug in gaps in your knowledge, skills, or spiritual well being. Past students have told me that this was one of their favorite parts, as they really learned alot from hearing their classmates share.


At the tail end of the program, join me (Dailey) and other Reiki Masters for a final alumni celebration at the ocean!




You may use the term "Reiki Master" after the initial training weekend, or as you feel ready, and you will receive a certificate at a lovely graduation ceremony. 




This is more than just a class, it's a deep celebration of you as an energy healer. You'll be welcomed into the Healing Heart Reiki Master Group where you can network, ask questions, and continue to develop with your company of peers. You'll also have Dailey's continued support as a teacher, if you need a reference for Reiki-based work, or a reference for future advanced trainings in other programs. 




We take as allies for this journey, the essence of the Wild Orchid, teaching us to honor our loving truth and willpower no matter what others expect from us, and the Phoenix, a teacher that shows us how to throw our concerns on the fire of Reiki and burn away all things until we are only love.


Enjoy a starry, magical weekend, with time to really reflect on and transform your life! 

Key Program Takeaways for 2019

You will learn in an intimate group setting with Dailey's personal attention and focus:

+ Master Symbols & how to use them
+ Passing Attunements for all Reiki Levels 
+ How to Lead Meditations
+ Advanced Methods for consistent results in physical health 
+ Intro to Developing A Practice

+ Preventing Burnout

+ Space Clearing for Abundance

+ Mastery of core Reiki I & II elements

+ Ethics & Troubleshooting difficult situations

+ Developing your intuitive awareness of Reiki flow

  • Talk about what you do

  • Develop Leadership

  • Release inhibiting programing around money & abundance

  • Hone your Creative Identity/Sense of Self

  • Uncover your Path

  • Leave feeling inspired to work as an Energy Healer or Reiki Master in the world!



(1) You have been Reiki II attuned for approximately 9 months or more. You feel an inner readiness to receive the next attunement, and are open to meeting the energetic shifts that come with it. 

(2) You are in the process of reading the required readings

(3) You can draw the level II symbols, have comfort with using them, and are comfortable with self-healing via Reiki.

* This class is personalized for each student, so the number of students in any given class is limited. I will probably not take more than 9 students.


Required & Suggested Readings

There is a reading list here. Books can be purchased, checked out at the library, or borrowed from a friend. Many of them are also available in audio format.


People ask if they can still attend the program if they are not doing the readings. Yes, but you will gain more from doing the readings. It is the same as University; some people get through four years of college without doing the readings, but the people who DO, are more confident and prepared in that work because of how it shifts their mindset.

2019 Program Dates And Location


❤️ 3 Day Retreat: September 27th (6pm-9pm), 28th (9am-6pm), & 29th (10am-6pm), 2019 - including business photos, celebration, symbols, attunements, ritual ceremony. LOCATION: This will be held at Healing Heart Reiki Headquarters, that beautiful rambling gray Victorian near the heart of downtown: 1023 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

❤️ Extended Web Trainings: 1x weekly email for 6 weeks, with homework components. LOCATION: in your own home

❤️ 4 Video Calls via Zoom: a visionary support circle and check in with Q&A, dates to be determined in class as a group. All calls are recorded if you can not attend live. LOCATION: your computer or cell phone

❤️ Closing Party: November 3rd, 2019  Alumni Social LOCATION: North Salmon Beach, Bodega Bay, CA


To register, please do the following together: 


1) Fill out & submit the enclosed application. Dailey will let you know if you've been accepted into the program.


2) Please submit your non-refundable partial payment for registration. If for some reason your application is not accepted, your payment will be fully refunded.



The program tuition for REIKI MASTER TRAINING PROGRAM 2019: $1,570. Check out Early-Bird Deals Below!


Tuition includes everything (except books).  Payment in full, and an approved application admit you to the program. You will receive an email confirmation once admitted. 


Terms and Conditions: Your tuition is non-refundable. If for some reason you are not able to attend the physical class, you will be welcomed to set up time for a private attunement, and the remainder of your lessons will be folded into your online program. You are then welcome to attend the next scheduled Reiki Master class at a 50% discount. If due to emergency you must cancel completely before the first day of class, your payment will be applied to the next scheduled Reiki Master Training.


Payment can be made by cash (in person), credit card, or check. 

Please make checks out to: Healing Heart Reiki

PAY IN FULL(Standard Tuition, after Aug 1): 



Payment Plans

If it is easier you can do a payment plan. This is 3 payments. 


In this case, your first deposit secures your spot in class. 

Then you can make the second deposit at a time that makes sense for you before class. 

The last deposit is due by September 13th, 2019. 


Terms of Agreement: The Reiki Master Payment plan, like layaway, is a full committment to the program. If you decide not to proceed with the class, the money you have paid is non-refundable (It can, however, be used toward the next scheduled Reiki Master). If your final payment is not received by the class date, you will be unable to attend class, but you will be rescheduled for the following Reiki Master Class or private attainment, at Dailey's discretion.


Payment 1 + Payment 2 + Payment 3 = Paid In Full By Class Date

$570 + $500 + $500 = $1570


If you would like to discuss another kind of payment plan, please reach out to Me (Dailey)! I am happy to discuss payments with you. 


Please use the links below to pay the set amounts in the time right for you:



REIKI MASTER DEPOSIT PAYMENT 3 of 3 (due by September 13, 2019): $500

You are embarking on a beautiful journey! I can't wait to meet and join you! xoxo Dailey


"Enter these turning points,

Where the rhythms of life transform

Into each other.


Breath flows in, filling, filling,

  In this moment, drink eternity.


Breath flows out, emptying, emptying,

Offering itself to infinity.


Cherishing these moments,

Mind dissolves into heart,

Heart dissolves into space,

Body becomes a vibrating field,

Pulsating between fullness and emptiness."


~Radiance Sutras, Yukti Verses