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 Services with Dailey

Rev. Dailey Little: Traditional Energy Healer | ReikiMaster Teacher & Practitioner

A powerful intuitive psychic, experienced in shamanic healing methods, Dailey Little is a Reiki Master, Metaphysical Teacher, and energy healer with over 15 years of spiritual group facilitation in Buddhist, Egyptian, Orisha, Goddess, Pagan, and Christian traditions. She offers the "medicine" needed according to the time and ripeness for change.  Dailey holds a loving, non-judgemental space in which people of all faiths can connect with the truths that empower them. A Reverend with the Universal Life Church, and Priestess of the Isian tradition, Dailey honors the Divine in all things (that's you! And me! :-))  and loves being a joyful Messenger of LOVE.



This session includes a foundation of the same deeply nourishing Reiki energy received in a Classic session. Reiki is offered fully-clothed on a massage table or chair and is offered as a laing-on-of-hands. The primary purpose of Reiki is to restore a sense of peace and well-being through loving infusions of energy.  This will also balance your Chakras.  


In addition, during the healing flow we open the doors to your Higher Self, Primal Self (or somatic, physical body memory) & Guides to see what your current soul work is and what's blocking you.  

I use Reiki, psychic reading, sound healing, and other tools as needed, and you will feel a new sense of personal clarity when the session is complete. Useful if you are experiencing major shifts, you feel "stuck," or you are confused about a situation/decision. You will feel more empowered and clear about your life when you leave.

A session is approximately 80 minutes. $150


I use sacred geometry, Reiki, and sound healing to create a bridge between the loving heart-wisdom of the divine feminine and the mending of your soul. This session also includes a Chakra Balancing.

This session is recommended for natural healers, or healing practitioners getting a tuneup. Or Sensitives/Empaths who need clarification on their spiritual gifts. 

If you already know what's going on and it has to do with other dimensions, or realms, then the Shamanic Healing is probably what you need.

We'll begin with talk, a sage or resinous smudge to clear your field, and/or song, then move into deeper work. The session may include work in the following areas, as needed or requested: Chord Clearing, Extractions, Soul Retrieval, Contract Clearing, Past Life Healing, Power Animal & Guide Retrieval, Clearing Evil Eye/Bad Luck, Soul Purpose, Love, Teachings, Deep Clearing 

By its nature, most Isis healings also include a followup/action plan. A session lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. $200.


Have you worked with Dailey before? Are you interested in cultivating a deeper understanding of Self, and making breakthroughs around a particular area (love relationship, business, root healing)? Dailey can hold space for your process, offering reiki & spiritual counsel, earth-based healing, and gentle heart-based teachings to help your Breakthrough Intention. By committing to a program, Dailey is able to plan a series of ever deeper work pieces, holding intention in ways that are impossible for single-session work. 

In addition to the one-on-one work, she holds you in the Isis field of light for the duration of your work, and encourages your personal empowerment so that when you're done, you feel absolutely certain and trusting of yourself as you step back out into the world. 

Once payment is made, sessions can be scheduled for any time, but follow a specific unfolding:

Prework: Fill out & submit detailed Intake Form

Session 1: SELF ~ "Astrology, Present & Past Life" ~ Based on your intake and goals, we look at areas of your astrological chart and the current time, giving you a better understanding of how to navigate your goals based on sense of self. Also learn about your power centers and we'll begin to draw them into alignment with Reiki and practical action. Receive your power mantra.

Session 2: TRIBE ~ "Flower of Life Healing" ~ Dailey begins with shamanic healing work based on her Isian lineages. Additionally we look at your home space and your closest tribe of people (family and close friends) to identify and remove blocks where they may be coming up in these area. We clear stuck energies. You will also learn and connect with your current Animal Spirit Allies through directed shamanic journey,  and learn how to weave in their energy for support in your goals. Home-based workings may be assigned for follow up. Receive your ally stones.

Session 3: POWER ~ "Drinking Fire" ~ Working with Egyptian Sekhm, Kuan Yin, or Cosmic energy, we consolidate your focus and power around your breakthrough intention. Dailey will help identify and release blocks in your power center so that you can prepare to manifest. You will learn simple rituals and actions to stay connected to this power. Receive your fire ceremony candle.

Session 4: HEART MANIFESTATION ~ "Blue Lotus Cacao Ceremony" ~ Dailey will bring you into deep sacred ceremonial space and lead you in a personal journey to your heart's desires. You will learn to activate your deeper divine magnets for attracting your vision. We will call back your power and wisdom from past lives, and set a mindkey to unlock the magic and manifest your breakthrough intention. Receive your breakthrough initiation attunement.


+ Have a dream, goal, lifestyle, or vision you want to birth (new house, love challenges, financial breakthroughs, deep healing support, developing your sensual-sexual connection, forgiveness work, and more)

+ Are ready to let go of what holds you back

+ Have time to do the assigned "homework"

+ Are ready to receive active support from the universe


+ Don't feel ready to look at your fears or shadows

+ Can't be honest with yourself about what may be holding you back

+ Are okay with how things are in your life

+ Don't like homework or don't have the time to do it


Before considering this one-on-one program, it is best to have experienced a private session with Dailey previously. Once payment is made for this package, it is nonrefundable, as Dailey sets the intention and begins doing the prep work immediately on her end. Payment is due prior to the first session. Payment plans are available which is set up via paypal subscription, and must complete by the second session. Sessions can be scheduled at any time. A suggested, but flexible schedule idea will be given at the end of the first session. Contact Dailey for further questions.

Like the Lotus flower, which blossoms from mud and filth, learn to transform your life into a polished gem and shining fragrant flower of beauty. If your heart is saying Yes reading this, then it is probably for you.


$1011 via credit card or subscription payment. 

Receive a  $111 discount if paying by check or cash:  $900.


* Can I do these by phone? Yes, this work can be completed by phone, or in person.

* How far out can I spread the sessions? They must be completed within the calendar year of start.

Phone Healing Sessions

Phone sessions may include energy work, guided meditation, spiritual counseling, suggested creative exercises, or distance healing, as determined by Dailey. With the intuitive work, I keep the focus (as always) on what can be done for clients to be most empowered in the decisions, love, and life work they are considering. 

We check in with guides, higher self, and other spiritual messengers as needed. 

Phone sessions are available to new and regular clients. If you are new and I have never worked with you in person, I request that you book a 3-session package, as we will cover basics to deeply align your life. Please feel free to email if you have questions. 

Phone sessions must be paid for in advance via paypal. Regular clients can book via Schedulicity. Please choose "Phone Healing Session." 

Before the session, I set a deep energetic anchor and intention for your healing, so all work occurs in sacred interdimensional space. I will call you at the appointed time. 

The call lasts 60 minutes. After, I will send a distance attunement. Please allow yourself a half hour of rest after the call, to integrate healing energy. $150

Spiritual Counseling

Private lessons, discussions, or spiritual counseling with Dailey can be arranged. $150. 

Buy A Gift Certificate

Buy a gift certificate for a friend or loved one. You can give them a class, a private session, or a distance healing. Call Dailey to arrange.


There are many ways to book: Online, by phone, by text, or by email. The fastest way to schedule with me (Dailey) is online here via Schedulicity. This goes directly into my calendar and I will be waiting for you at the appointed time. If you don't see a time that fits, don't worry! I keep a small cache of alternative times. Just give me a call and we can figure it out.

Scheduling and payment are handled separately. You can pay during your appointment, or pay ahead of time via paypal.  Feel free to do so using the link below! 


For all private sessions I accept check, cash or credit card.  

CHECK: Checks can be made out to Healing Heart Reiki

CASH: Can be paid in person. I will give you a receipt.

CREDIT: If you would like to use your credit card please pay before you come to your appointment, using the link below. 

Please write into the notes section of paypal payment what your donation is for, whether that is Services, Loving Offering, Paying it Forward for a Stranger, etc ;-).  If you have questions about making payment, please text or call me.

Thank You!

I also offer Reiki level I, II III/Master Attunements. Please call for details. 



  Learn to do Reiki on yourself!

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