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Reiki I Training: Basic Energy Work

Explore the gifts of energy healing through Reiki I Training. Reiki is most often translated as "Universal Life Force Energy." Reiki is a Japanese healing modality older than time, but rediscovered by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 1800s. Reiki clears away blocks and opens your inner wisdom. It also physically heals. As a Reiki Master and natural intuitive I have found Reiki to be amazingly effective in sourcing and healing disharmony within the body system. Reiki also adds a beautiful energy to shamanic practices and healing methods. Learn to channel Reiki life force in this one day workshop. 

The Reiki I Training includes:

*Principals of Successful Energy Work & Reiki History

*How to Heal Yourself & Others without depleting personal energy

*Hand Positions & Techniques for healing stress, migraines, fear, emotional blocks, & more

*Deflecting Psychic Attack & Establishing Healthy Relationship Boundaries 

*Grounding for  More Energy 

*Ethics & Troubleshooting


The day also includes practice treatments, the Reiki I Practitioner Attunement, a certificate of completion, and take home binder.

You will leave with the Reiki I attunement, connection with a joyful community of healers, and a new level of confidence in your ability to heal yourself and others. Healers, this is another great modality to support the work you are doing. 

Massage therapists, chiropractors, medical professionals, beauticians, salespeople, moms & dads… you can all integrate it seamlessly into your healing work and this class is the place to learn how.

This full-day workshop is from 10am-5pm, in Santa Rosa. The cost is $200. 

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About Dailey Little 

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT is a Reiki Master & ordained minister. When her natural psychic abilities kicked in at a young age, she began a journey to understand the nature of life. Dailey incorporates the wisdom she has learned through 20 years of Buddhism, community facilitation, the Goddess Mysteries, and shamanic energy healing into the thriving HHR community. In addition to classes and private sessions, Dailey offers spiritual direction from a multi-faith heart-based model with personal empowerment at its core.